Daily: 5th August 2011

5 August, 2011 at 00:01 (GMT+01:00)

By Lukeh

Sidepodcast F1: From father to son; what better way to start a day?

Credit: Rubens Barrichello

From father to son; what better way to start a day?

What's that? It's Friday already?! Fantastic. That means it's time to present you with a whole new daily to get you through the joy that is Friday and guide you into the first weekend of the F1 break weekend. Elsewhere away from F1, I'm very excited that Football League football returns this weekend (with the Premier League back next weekend), but if you're not into football why don't you spend some time exploring the further branches of Sidepodcast's kingdom? There's always the Sidepodcast Wiki, or perhaps you could bring the Sidepodcast last.fm group back up to date or join the Sidepodcast Book Group, as long as you come back here and join in with the Daily. Deal? Deal. Take that, Noel Edmonds!

Paddock News

To be Frank, it's time to move on Williams - It seems Adam Parr is determined to focus on the now and not the then by saying Williams aren't done with 2011 just yet. Come on chaps, let's get through the year and focus on 2012 because it's been a bit of a write off for this season sadly. At least you made a sexy livery and I got to write an emotional look at the status of the team. Plus Rubens is still being all Rubenstastic so it's not all bad.

Korea-ing off the scheduled timeline - Here we go again with the Indian Grand Prix as there are worries about the new circuit at Delhi not being ready for inspections and probably still being selotaped down 20 minutes before the race. OK, so a tad overreaction there (kind of!) but it does seem like Korea all over again doesn't it? Let's hope the Indian organisers and Chandhok Snr can get this all sorted.


Gimme a Minute, or 15 hours worth - This absolutely staggers me and what an achievement this is - congratulations to F1 Minute on recording 15 hours worth of F1 Minutes over the years and just an awesome job from Christine to still be doing a wonderful job today. Mr C also deserves credit for being the manda (Man panda) behind the scenes creating websites, apps and have you noticed that gorgeous little F1 Minute he made on the homepage? Very cool. Let's hope we get many more minutes to hear about the world of F1.

Can a 900 year old man turn 50 again? - Lord Moffat of the Steven variety, king of writing and all that is BBC, has announced how he has big plans for Doctor Who's 50th anniversary in 2013 but isn't spilling the details at this early stage. My predicition? The last few Doctors all meet up for a pint, get horribly drunk, one of them gets to know Captain Jack a little too much and rose Returns and Russell T Davies blows up at the end of the episode. Oh, and of course, an awful lot of running.

Classic Games and all that Jazz - Previously in the past I've briefly mentioned an absolutely wonderful game called Grim Fandango. It's a bit of a cult classic but it's easily one of the finest pieces of gaming I've ever played especially for it's storytelling. But Kotaku have had a look back at another reason why it was so wonderful - the original jazz pieces made for the game. Some absolutely stunning bits of music made up Grim Fandango. I implore you to try and find a cheap copy of the game and give it a go. So much fun and original storytelling that would make Hollywood jealous!

Everything is ripping me off and I'm ripping everything off - If you're going to click one link on this daily then please, please, please make it this. You have to see these videos of how, well, everything is a mix! Everything truly does take itself from everything else and this series of videos, currently up to part 3, make for an interesting, engrossing set of small videos that all go through a few minutes length. Plus they're so stylishly told it's hard to pull away from them once you start watching. Damn you everything. he says, stealing that from everything else.

Friday Fun!

Seeing as we have a mid-season break, I thought I would have a little bit of Friday Fun for the masses to encourage a bit of creative thinking down there in those lovely comments and you should absolutely join in if you have any ideas. I ask you, fellow F1 fans...

If there was an F1 Bingo card created to fill in during a race, what F1 cliche's could be part of the bingo card?

Lukeh's mind

To give a better idea, when you head off to the Bingo, you obviously get a bingo card and you mark off the numbers and so on and so on. But what if there was one for watching Formula 1? What cliches would be perfect for a F1 bingo card to tick off during a race ? Who knows, if we get enough brilliant ideas there may be a bit of photoshopping going on tonight when I get home from work...!

And that's that. To close off today's daily, why not a little song from this small British band known as Muse? They're alright, like. I've heard of them a few times. But yesterday I could not get a certain song out of my head and I know Gavin is a huge fan of this song so it seems only right, in true Radio Giggles fashion, to say this one's for you Mr Rubbergoat. Have a lovely day people and I'll see you in the comments.

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