Daily: 5th April 2011

5 April, 2011 at 07:07 (GMT+01:00)

By amandoloss

Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmhummmmmmmm! I am pleased to see you all here again. You all look great! Let's see what I've got here for you ...

Ah-ha, thought so ... the Formula 1 thing shook our world and then fell into kind of a sleep again. No news, really. Except at Joe's, 'cause he's been really busy yesterday! And except of Sebastien Buemi who's been busy training at the moment of writing this words. Let's talk pictures then, shall we? Here and here you can find a very fine selection of some F1 moments.

And good news for all ... erm ... UK fans: the 'Senna' movie has finally been given a UK release date - 3 June. Lucky you! In Germany we haven't heard nothing about it yet. I think because there is already a Vettel movie in the making ...

Having said that let's move to THE topic for today, tomorrow, and the whole week, if you like: Champions League. Before the thing kicks off there's been only one topic for few days: Will Gareth Bale start against Real Madrid? Will Cristiano Ronaldo start against Tottenham? That's two topics by the way, but nevermind ... what matters is the answer: Yes, they both will start! *fireworks* *shout of joy* *etc* Real Madrid vs Tottenham Spurs tonight. Do not miss it. This is going to be a cracking match. Do NOT miss it! As for me, I don't know which team I'm going to support. I like both ... I do not mind Spurs winning and going through ... I do not mind Real winning either ... and by the way, Real has a secret weapon: this Xabi Alonso chap. Oh, we all love you too, lad! After this - if it's possible - even more. :-)

My enemies are playing each other tomorrow night so today I'm only going to enjoy the beautiful game.

Meanwhile in the league of all leagues 'Arry had something to say: "Harry Redknapp has suggested it would take a world-record transfer fee to prise Gareth Bale from Tottenham Hotspur in the summer after the Wales winger said that he was open to the prospect of a switch to a leading continental club." Pffffffffffffffffffffffff ...

Wayne Rooney has been charged for using offensive language while celebrating his goal against West Ham on Saunday. He scored a hattrick. A hattrick! Why hasn't he celebrated like a "normal" guy? Why is he so angry? What's wrong with him? I don't understand. Do you?

Oh, and Arsenal's Cesc Fabregas has been involved in a car accident yesterday but he's all right. Take it easy Cesc, don't you worry about what Robin said ... as much as I loved this to be truth (everyone but United!!!), it won't happen. Not this year.

In yesterday's daily RG covered all the sports coming up this week and I agree with him: I don't know how I get anything done! Oh there are tweets of the week, sidepodchat, Football Weekly podcast and a new old episode of this for you to discover.

I shall finish up with some Spanish atmosphere, flair, spirit, complexion - or whatever you like to call it - by means of this interesting read about Real Oviedo, the home town of The Eyebrow Man. :-)

I am off to ... work, I guess. :-) Have a lovely day!

P.S. Heikki has been busy too! :-)

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