Daily: 5th April 2009

5 April, 2009 at 00:01 (GMT+01:00)

By Christine Blachford

Race day once again, and we're certainly looking forward to this one. We desperately didn't want rain in Australia so we could at least attempt to see the natural order of things. Although really we are still clueless, I'm not so against a downpour or two in Malaysia this weekend. Here's what we've been talking about whilst we wait for the race:

  • The stewards rejected BMW's second attempt at a protest, but this was completely expected. The team put in the complaint really just as a formality so that the results of the Malaysian GP would be counted as well as the results of the Australian race - assuming things go their way at the hearing.
  • Ross Brawn has done a terrible, terrible thing by using the word DNA, Brawn and Honda in the same sentence. Actually, no, he hasn't, but it looks like he's attributing a lot of the team's current success to the people that were there before he even arrived - suggesting he has only made a few changes here and there.
  • Still thinking about qualifying, and how rubbish Ferrari are. What were they thinking? They can't possibly have thought that the time they'd set would see them through, could they? Was it really worth all that just to save an extra set of tyres? We do know they are hard on their tyres, but this seems the worst way to try and remedy the problem.

That'll do it for now. The racing starts at a sensible time for us in the UK, which is nice if only because at Sidepodcast Towers we really need to try and get our body clock's in order. Either way, we'll see you in the comments.

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