Daily: 5th May 2010

5 May, 2010 at 00:05 (GMT+01:00)

By Gavin Brown

Hello there, it’s Gavin again, author of the F1 stats blog ‘Making Up The Numbers’ – which means it’s Wednesday, or ‘Hump Day’ if you are so inclined.

  • In fact, today is my Monday because as I mentioned last week, I have been busy moving house (and cities) from Odense to Copenhagen. I have basically spent the last week moving out, cleaning the old house so well that you could have removed any existence of us living there, then moving all the stuff to the new place, building everything up, connecting up stuff and then unpacking and putting everything away. But we feel like we’ve done really well, and the new flat is really awesome, so we are very happy :D
  • Things I learnt from the move:

    (1) You can never throw out too much stuff beforehand;

    (2) Family are both a great help and a hindrance to you;

    (3) You end up having to buy so many things you need while unpacking! But like I said, the move was a success and now we have to get used to our new way of life…

  • F1 News? Well, there seems to have been a proposal for an F1 race in Jersey City, which our friend Joe has blogged about. I reckon this sounds like a great idea and I am really excited about it myself!
  • There have been mixed reviews about the new Silverstone layout, with some drivers not liking it too much and Pat cautiously optimistic. But you have to see James Allen team up with his old mate Martin Brundle driving around the new circuit in HD - I think it will work well for F1 cars and I love the fact that they have named one of the new parts the ‘Wellington Straight’ – as I lived in Wellington, NZ for just over 10 years ;)
  • Finally, have you seen the spectacular crash that Ricardo Teixera had in the F2 race yet? It’s an absolute classic and will no doubt be on those ‘Crash Fest’-Type programs for years to come. Again, Joe is the source of the info and you can enjoy it because no one gets hurt, but the best part is the second video taken from an in-car view of another driver – watch how poor Ricardo just flies over his head!

Well that’s all from me for now – enjoy your Wednesday and see you in the comments!


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