Daily: 4th September 2009

4 September, 2009 at 00:01 (GMT+01:00)

By Christine Blachford

Friday at long last, and even though we were lucky enough to have a bank holiday on Monday, it has still felt like a long week to me. For those returning to school, it is probably even longer, so let's talk about something else. It's Friday!

  • Last night, Kathi uncovered some pictures of Fisichella in his new home with Ferrari, and oh my god, is it good to see Rob with an actually capable driver. I never thought I would be relieved to see Fisichella anywhere near Rob, but there you have it. That is what Luca will do for you.
  • I spent some time updating the SPC Regulars page on the wiki recently, and have already blogged about what is new and improved, so I highly recommend you check out that post and then the wiki. Neil asked when one should consider oneself a regular, and I think that is an entirely personal decision. It could be when you start commenting every race, or if you show your face in each daily, or maybe when you sing songs about live show outtakes.
  • Finally, Alguersuari was in the news yesterday, talking about the fact that he is happy to keep on racing in other sports because above all things, as a 19 year old racer, he sees himself as a karting driver. Even above Formula 1. An interesting perspective on things, and a refreshing one. He's doing Formula Renault and karting alongside his STR responsibilities - yay for drivers doing other things.

That's all for now. Thanks to everyone who has pointed out the Franck news - he has been emailing Peter Windsor but that doesn't mean anything and I'm not getting my hopes up just yet. I'll see you in the comments.

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