Daily: 4th May 2010

4 May, 2010 at 00:00 (GMT+01:00)

By Marilene Riddle

It is a new week and finally, we are going to get some action. F1 resumes with the Spanish Grand Prix this weekend, and even though we know it is probably going to be boring, to me it is better than nothing. Also, watch out for Rally New Zealand, which Lady Snowcat will most probably provide snippets and highlights of. Onto more pressing things:

  • Firstly, motorsports. Pat W has managed to catch GT1 at Silverstone and is kind enough to share videos of his experience.
  • Christine has been working hard with a new week of rankings, a new chapter on Mitch and company, a new film review, and a new header.
  • Joe Saward is genius, as usual.
  • Apple has managed to sell 1,000,000 iPads without needing to reach out to us here at SPC.
  • Moving house sounds like a fantastic idea.
  • I've found a new activity helpful for Lukeh and all those of us who have become disillusioned by F1. Lou has provided a guide too.
  • I am plugging my own blog again. I have been working on something for F1 lately, so you might catch a ping or two in the comments later.
  • Please do get a copy of 'Senna Versus Prost' or read it at a nearby library or book store or whatever. It is really really good.

Finally, once again the appeal goes out to all lurkers to de-lurk. We didn't have anyone yesterday so please don't let us down two days in a row.

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