Daily: 4th May 2011

4 May, 2011 at 00:01 (GMT+01:00)

By Gavin Brown

Hello all!  It’s Wednesday again!  Hope your week is going well… I am incredibly busy but at least I’m not bored ;)

F1 News

Bit of a busy day yesterday.  Seems like Williams have made some sweeping changes, sacking Sam Michael and their chief aerodynamicist.  If that wasn’t shocking enough, they hired Mike Coughlan in his place.  You know, the former McLaren guy caught trying to photocopy Ferrari blueprints?  It looks like Williams are becoming more and more desperate these days – one does wonder whether this is something that can be corrected or if it is far too late?  Anyway, Christine and Joe have the matter covered…

The other piece of news is that News Corporation and a FIAT consortium called Exor are bidding to buy F1.  Guess who has you covered? ;)  Also, check out the fantastically complicated ownership structure of F1!

The FIA have revealed the DRS Zone for Turkey … and it just happens to be where Webber & Vettel collided last year.  I wonder if that’s a bad sign or not?

Speaking of team mate clashes, the one year anniversary of this event has inspired BadgerGP to write an article on their top 5 – no prizes for guessing that the top one is between Prost and Senna!

It was the anniversary of Senna’s passing last Sunday and Motorsport Retro has a couple of great articles – well, they have more but they have been linked to before.  The first is a bunch of great Senna pics from the Cahier Archive, but the second is much more interesting.  Apparently Senna had a go at being a rally driver – for a magazine article of course, but it’s still very interesting…

Here’s a picture of the Circuit of the Americas – the Austin home of the US GP.  Nice mud patch – wonder if they will start building soon?

Jake Humphrey has blogged about his flight in the Lancaster Bomber for the Royal Wedding – it didn’t go quite as planned but it sounded like an awesome experience…

Mike Gascoyne is in a new Team Lotus video blog explaining what they were doing in the Straight Line Tests at Duxford.  Sounds interesting…

Have you checked out Christine’s Driver and Team Rankings yet?  There’s some great things worth checking out there.

From The Blogs

I’ve got loads of great links from the blogotron for you:

Leigh was sent a link to something completely different – trailer park racing!  Have Top Gear tried this one yet?  He’s also blogged about a very silly rule that Indycar has about defending one’s position

RG has started a series of posts blogging about the Eurovision songs – I am so looking forward to this event and it’s coming up soon!

Pat’s been reminiscing about the awesome SidepodSpa Trip – writing about Saturday (it appears he remembers a whole lot more of the evening than I do!) and also he’s been to the 2011 Donington Historic event with some pics and videos to boot.

Christine has been blogging about running, The Archers, a 30-day song challenge and holidays by the sea – so she’s been a busy lady lately…

Have you seen Lukeh’s fantastic portrait blog? I love his drawings and here is a great one of the Cardiff Bay Church.  And congrats on the new job mate!

Giggles has also been very busy lately – he’s had a spurt of making loads of lovely demos – Two on Airplay, in fact.  it’s inspired him to make a Sidepodwiki page about making a video demo of Sidepodcast.  If anyone can do it, Giggles can!


Here’s one that will hit you for 6 – Nick found this great audio commentary piece from a cricket match – a ball was hit through the commentary box window during the game and it was handled in a way only the BBC could manage!

I was sent a link to a great cartoon series called Party Cat – very funny and not unlike a cat I used to have…

Have you seen this Twitter Fail Whale hat?  Awesome!

Springfield Punx are doing a Doctor Who week in honour of the new series starting – so here are Days 1 and 2!

So that’s all from me.  Hope you have a great day and see you in the comments :)

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