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4 March, 2011 at 00:01 (GMT)

By Lukeh

Sidepodcast F1: He said so himself, did you know?

Credit: Renault/Lukeh/A tree in the carribean probably

He said so himself, did you know?

March 4th onwards and upwards! March fourth... forth...get it? It's not quite May 4th but it's good enough. It does however mean it is Friday, as always my favourite day of the week when there's no F1 on the Sunday of course, and what have we got today to share and discuss? Well, first off I think Amanda will be happy to see me wish a happy birthday to Liverpool caretaker manager and bit of a footballing legend Kenny Dalglish, but on an f1 related note not only is it the birthday of one of my all time favourite drivers in Jos 'The Boss' Verstappen but also the absolute and complete legend that is Jim Clark. Some fabulous names sharing a birthday there. What a great way to kick off this day!

Paddock News

This ain't no Friday Spelling Test - I don't know why this story stood out but it has, and I found it a bit interesting and another sign about how much I feel at least F1 desperately needs in-season testing. It looks like the teams will test new types of tyres as the cars develop and the performance changes on the tyres as the season goes on thanks to the silly no testing rule. Bit frustrating for all involved in the sport about testing now surely, as the longer the ban goes on the more I see drivers and teams wishing for testing to be there - and now even Pirelli it seems as they pass on the testing into weekend sessions.

You Can't Keep a Good Scot Down - This is some fabulous news about one of the sport's greatest and most influential drivers and personel, Jackie Stewart, as he recovers from his mid-air scare but now seems to be recovering now. I'm sure everyone in F1 wants JYS to be back in the paddock as soon as possible and I'm sure he will be come the new season. Even Williams' secret weapon managed to give us an update on his former team boss and friend's condition:

to my friends that got worried with Sir Jackie Stewart I can say that he is fine...he had a full check up and he feels good now

rubarrichello's Twitter avatarrubarrichello

Go jackie! Hope to see you back on your feet very soon as I'm sure we will.

3 Men, 2 Hours, 1 Awesome Radio Show (and a brilliant Christine FBFB'ing!) - As a very very tantalising build up to the new season we were treated to a quite frankly fabulous radio show with Jake Humphrey, Anthony Davidson and the legendary Murray Walker as they talked 2011 and looked forward to the new season. Christine did an absolutely mindblowing job on the FBFB as the show went on and it's worth not only recapping christine's fantastic recap but also listening to this show as it features some wonderful guests but it really gets you in the F1 mood. Are you feeling positive yet?


The Way You Mika Me Feel - Over at F1 Pulse, Ubaid has produced a wonderful little interview with former world champion and my favouritest Finnish driver ever Mika Hakkinen going over a various array of topics including finnish drivers, driver management and of course the return of his biggest rival Michael Schumacher. What I would do to see Mika back in f1... and not the singer. No thank you. also you may recognise Ubaid's name from the recent Sidepodchat he took part in with Steven, Turkey Machine and myself and F1 Pulse has been really well produced so make sure you explore after reading his interview!

I Predict That I Predict A Riot... Correct! As Exclusively Predicted by Me - A very late addition into this daily before I headed off but even the last things can be fantastically great and I'm sure this will be another wonderful Sidepodchat featuring Naoise Holohan from Manipe F1. His previous Sidepodchat with our favourite podcasting duo was a top listening and really interesting to hear his predictions and thoughts so now I shall head off to bed with my iTunes sync'd up ready to listen to this new installment!

The Return of Alex Zanardi - Alex Zanardi never ceases to amaze me, and he's done it once again. Although his F1 career was less than successful in most aspects, there was never any doubting the ability of this very much liked Italian driver but despite his absolutely terrifying accident several years ago that caused amputations of his legs, he now finds himself preparing to enter the London 2012 Paralympics with a huge amount of support and belief that medals are in sight for this wonderful person. Can only wish all the luck in the world that he gets there and succeeds because he does seem such an inspiration.

Not just F1 is testing right now... - Whilst most of us fans here are watching on with the F1 testing as we build up to the new season, of course other series find themselves in the same position and Leigh has recapped on the recent March 1st and March 2nd Rockingham Formula 3 tests. Now I'm no expert at all but I do recognise the name of Jack Harvey whom Lou and myself met at Goodwood last year and he seems a nice enough chap who is also on Twitter and gets our support so go Jack!

Red Bull Only Give Wings to One Driver - I found myself with a bit of spare time after work yesterday and got a bit bored whilst looking through Formula 1 pictures until I found a certain photo with Red Bull best buddies Sebastian Vettel and Mark Webber which led to just a perfect setup I could not resist poking some fun out of. Of course, if you do indeed run a certain formula 1 new syndicate then I do advise that these are just captions and they are not words actually coming out of their mouths. Honestly, guv. Fun times though!

And Finally

A Modern Day Wizard of Oz... Kind of - I've been meaning to share this story for a week or two but I keep forgetting... but not today! Hurrah! This article is an absolute must read for all I feel because it's such a captivating story with twists, turns and shocks along the way. The article goes about the story of a german hacker who broke into the PC game supergods that are Valve and managed to get the pre-released code for Half Life 2, which is now regarded as one of the greatest games ever created (A view I would happily agree with). Anyways, I shalln't spoil the story but it's such an interesting, incredibly well written piece that you would be spoiling yourself not spending a bit of time giving it a read.

And that's me done for this week. Quite a bumper packed edition with lots of Formula 1 stuff and motorsport stuff involved, how exciting! I'm really getting back into the F1 mood now, I'm all warmed up and ready to go after the fabulous 5 Live show to be honest! Bring on Melbourne! To end this week's daily and my embedded song as ever, I was going to go down a rocky, edgy route but decided to opt for something else because at heart I'm quite a soppy person and I thought I'd dedicate my video to my lovely other half Lou as this is one of her favourite songs and a perfect way to end the daily on lyrically. I can be quite the cheesy person but the last two weeks or so she's been the most wonderful person to know and such a help whilst finishing a huge assignment so I thought it'd be perfect to give a little something back with a song I love and I know she does even more. So with this beautiful performance, as Chris Martin says in the following video, I'll See You Soon!

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