Daily: 4th June 2010

4 June, 2010 at 00:01 (GMT+01:00)

By Lukeh

Hello once again to all visiting the wonderful world of Sidepodcast as we enter another Friday. I'm totally not getting deja vu writing my Friday posts up I swear. But it's always a pleasure to bring you guys into the last day of the week and guide you into the weekend. We're getting some glorious weather in the UK right now so I hope you're having a great time wherever you are! Now onto my favourite part of writing a daily - those lovable scamps, the bullet points.

  • Yesterday James mentioned how Red Bull need to draw a line under their Water-crash Scandal. (See ManipeF1 for more on the Water- tag). Guess what? They did indeed draw a line under it! Good times were had by all in this line drawing activity clearly. I think we've heard enough from this story now though if I'm honest, as crazy as it was. Let's draw a line under drawing a line. Although both Webber and Vettel looked just as confused as we all did by this picture Red Bull released. Yeah, I haven't a clue either guys.
  • If you're going to do one thing Sidepodcast related today, make sure you check out the mini Sidepodchat released yesterday including several commentors such as myself and Mr C discussing the Force India/Lotus wrestling match. That's not a good choice of words in retrospect as I seriously do not want to see Tony Fernandes and Vijay Mallyah settle this in a Rage in the Cage Match. Let's just have a civil affair and listen to this 10 minutes of podcasting bliss. Hope you guys enjoy it because it was a blast to contribute to! Remember if you have any feedback, Sidepodcast are more than happy to hear as to how this format can be improved or altered. For me I love the short bursts of discussion, so fingers crossed more appear soon!
  • This evening writing this wondering what songs could replace The Chain as a Formula 1 intro. Now I adore The Chain, I really don't want it to go and it isn't - don't start any GMM rumours! I'm just considering, don't shout at me! A few years ago Sony Liverpool used Butterflies and Hurricanes by Muse as an F1 game intro and it worked quite well I reckon. Although for me I'd like 21st Century Crooner by Ghinzu as an intro. That, or 99 Luftballons of course. Ahem. What songs do you guys think would work as an F1 intro?
  • Many commentors from Sidepodcast have fantastic F1 related blogs you may not know about - Leigh O'Gorman's blog The Formula 1 and Motorsport Archive is definitely worth a look, with his most recent post looking at the legendary Bruce Mclaren. Pat W's been providing some useful times from the motorsport world on Too Much Racing for the coming weekend. Another plug approaching - Jon Waldock posted an awesome podcast interviewing a certain Allan McNish on the Feeder Series last night - how awesome is that?! Finally, An F1 Blog (I love that name) is asking people to design their own dream livery, something I'm totally intrigued by to say the least from my own ideas but even more so by everyone else's ideas! There are plenty more out there so remember to ask us in the comments for more fantastic F1 blogs!
  • On a more personal level, I've been reading a few entries here and there outside of F1 - Christine has been discussing the recent "Re-blog" addition to Wordpress blogs. To me, doing this in a Daily Post could be considered a 'reblog', so I am unsure on Wordpress' idea so make sure you head over and give your own view on this new addition. I myself have been blogging this week, as I've given into Gavin and Stacey and began watching it from the start. I know, I know. With the World Cup just a week away (WOOHOOO!!!!!) RG has joined many footballers in ranting at the new ball being used at the finals. See, for me, I just kick it and fail miserably so it sounds like the perfect ball for me.

So, thats another Friday daily done for me. So many plugs today but I wanted to give you guys plenty of content to keep you happy as, in just 4 weeks time, the Goodwood Festival of Speed returns and I am really very excited for it! 3 weeks today also marks the day I get my degree results and see what I'm graduating with, so whilst excited for Goodwood, I am equally nervous. Nevertheless, that is then and this is now so I shll see you all right in those comments below me! I'll leave you with this utterly adorable clip. Awwwwwwwww.

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