Daily: 4th July 2011

4 July, 2011 at 01:00 (GMT+01:00)

By Bridget Schuil

Happy Monday Sidepodders! I hope today finds you in good cheer, with a week stretching out ahead of you full of promise and exciting things.

I'd like to start out by thanking Christine for covering my last daily post. Relocating to Edinburgh took up more time than I'd anticipated.

Shall we talk about motorsport for a moment? It is, after all, the reason we're all here today.

This past weekend was Goodwood Festival of Speed. Unfortunately, I didn't get there, but someone was thoughtful enough to post a (terrible quality) youtube clip featuring Christian Horner doing an impression of Seb crying (at 4:53). Adrian Newey didn't crash in his demo this year.

In somewhat F1-ish news, I don't know if you've heard that Will Buxton – the Speed pitlane reporter/GP2 and 3 commentator who Bruno Senna said could make a decent racing driver – is raising funds for cancer research in honour of FOM cameraman and cancer sufferer Chris “Milton” Ivin. Click the collage below to get to the JustGiving site. Unfortunately Will hasn't posted a facial hair update since Friday (we have to wait until Silverstone to see the final result), but I'm hoping it's starting to look like this.

Will's face-fuzz progress (used with permission)

Bridging the gap between Formula 1 and the sciency bit of today's daily, I'd like to give Bruno Geek Points for fixing Lee McKenzie's laptop.

Speaking of electronic things, a group of scientists in Illinois have made a pen that draws flexible circuits.

Moving to other physics things, a ping-pong ball weighing more than 86g will sink indefinitely through a grainy medium. The video is mesmerising!

While we're on grainy things, a gamma ray burst has shown the grains making up the universe to be smaller than first thought (10-48m, rather than the previously theorised 10-35m). This eliminates a few string theories and quantum loop gravity theories, bringing us closer to a unified theory of quantum gravity. Cool, huh?

I hope your Monday rocks!

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