Daily: 4th July 2010

4 July, 2010 at 00:01 (GMT+01:00)

By Lou

Hello Everyone! I’m not sure about anyone else in Britain but I’ve got two minds about this very hot and humid weather. I’m partly very happy the sun is out and the past few days at the Festival of Speed have been exceptionally hot. While not having to carry a jumper around with me is such a lovely feeling, I’m typically British in my approach to summer and I’m not too keen on the silly humidity as it makes sleeping and general negotiating of busy Goodwood crowds much more difficult. I hope you’re all having a lovely time with the weather, be it lapping up the rays or hiding inside away from the rain. Anyway, you already know Lukeh and I are at Goodwood Festival of Speed this weekend, however if you’re not able to attend, and with no F1 to keep you occupied here are a few things you might like to check out;

  • While I’ve been away I’ve been trying to keep up with the comments and things going on in the internet world, and one thing stands out at the moment. Christine works really hard. Now I already knew this, and I’m sure you all did too but I think we need to give her a special thank you, for even with her next adventure, her new hobby, and keeping up with her Film Watch series she’s moved our beloved Wiki to a new site which can't have been easy. Thank you Christine!
  • Mr C has been working hard too and has been looking into the work of Mark and Keith Sutton. He’s written a blog post, and even discovered that they have a blog! Blogs are brilliant, and I’m so happy that the f1 photography world are continuing to embrace them.
  • I also wanted to quickly remind everyone that Giggles radio is back this weekend with the second 's' show. It's going to be brilliant, so make sure you tune in!
  • I’ve mentioned it loads of times already but today is the last day of what has been the most amazing weekend at Goodwood Festival of Speed. Have any of you been lucky enough to go, or have tickets for today? If you have, then feel free to share your exciting stories with us in the comments, you could even write a guest post. If you can’t be there and are sad that you’re missing the action then don’t forget that Goodwood are streaming the interviews from the Dunlop Stage , and Goodwood radio is also available online too. Of course if you just want to catch up with some photos they are also available too.

Speaking of photographs at Goodwood yesterday was rather awesome as Lukeh captured two very special moments for me.

Sidepodcast F1: With Holly Samos from the 5live F1 - yes I know my eyes are closed, but it was a bright day!

Credit: F1 Lou

With Holly Samos from the 5live F1 - yes I know my eyes are closed, but it was a bright day!


Sidepodcast F1: With Jenson Button!! eeekk

Credit: F1 Lou

With Jenson Button!! eeekk

I'll write some posts about the whole event when I get back and have had a chance to check through my photos, but both yesterday and Friday were awesome. Wish us luck for today as we attempt to track down more fabulous F1 people. I hope you all have a lovely day!

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