Daily: 4th December 2009

4 December, 2009 at 00:01 (GMT)

By Gavin Brown

Hello and welcome to the 4th of December 2009. It’s Gavin from Making Up The Numbers here and I’ll be your guest post writer for today. I hope that you’ve all had a good week and survived your Thursday intact – because we all know that Thursdays are RRRRubbish! But it’s Friday, so it’s all good, because it is the end of the week and I will be having my croissants for breakfast and beers with engineers after work – what will you be up to today?

  • So the young driver testing has finished and ‘Disco Dan’ Ricciardo ended up on top of the timesheets – however it remains to be seen what lessons have been learned from this week’s testing.
  • On that note, AUTOSPORT posted an interview with New Zealand’s own Brendon Hartley – but someone really needs to tell that lad to get a proper haircut!
  • It looks as though Renault are rumoured to be trying to reduce their effort in F1 to being an engine supplier only or pull out altogether – with either Dave Richards and Prodrive turning the team into Aston Martin or some group called ‘Gravity’ with Chinese interests. To be honest, I personally think Renault should have stopped as soon as they swapped their mighty Blue-and-Yellow livery for that horrible ING and then TOTAL mess!
  • McLaren have signed a new deal with TAG Heuer – apparently they have been sponsored by them for 25 years!
  • This week’s Thursday Thought was asked by Maverick of Pitlane Fanatic: ‘Is Engine Parity necessary for 2010?’ – I posted my thoughts on my blog here, along with Steven Roy in the comments on Pitlane Fanatic and Scott on his blog.
  • Finally, Ferrari have released a pic of Felipe Baby-Baby – in the comments we noted that he has more hair than Bassano and that like Giggles, he was born into a collared shirt! Congrats to the Massa family!

So that’s all from me – don’t forget to visit my blog and all the other excellent blogs linked here – we’d love to hear from you so please feel free to leave a comment too. Don’t forget that Giggles, Sidepodcast and Pitlane Fanatic have their advent calendars which are well worth checking out. Have a brilliant day and ‘Vi ses på kommentarene’ as they might say if Sidepodcast was Danish!

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