Daily: 3rd May 2010

3 May, 2010 at 00:02 (GMT+01:00)


Bonjour. And it is another Monday, but it is not a normal Monday, it is in fact a Bank Holiday Monday. A day in which you have an excuse to do absolutely nothing all day. Unless you are working anyways, or have to revise 60 answers to questions of French for a speaking exam on the Tuesday. Ahh well, onto the bulletpoints...

  • First off, a big well done to our very own Turkey Machine, who managed to finish 176th in the Great East Anglia Run, and set it in a Personal Best time as well. So well done mate!
  • There was a ton of racing going on yesterday, pretty much everything except from F1 (back next week folks). In F2, there was a massive accident, with Ricardo Teixera going for flying lessons. In the BTCC, 0.009 seconds separated 1st from 2nd (though only after the original winner got disqualified). And the new Silverstone layout was used for the first time in the FIA GT1 series, but it has been receiving mixed reviews over the weekend. And our man on the ground, Pat W, has similar feelings.
  • And finally, Romain Grosjean wants to get back into F1. Of course, as he is a fellow RG, I hope he gets a chance (that is my only reason to be fair). He wasn't too impressive when he replaced Nelson Piquet jr, but do you think he will fit back into F1, perhaps at the new team that will be coming in next season?

I suppose I'll do the hard thing of plugging my own work, my thoughts on the greatest Finn of all time. It may come to a surprise to a few people. Also, since its a recurring theme in the last few days, to all you de-lurkers, say hi. We had Steven Prussia pop in today to continue one de-lurk a day (nice work lou!) So join the comments, what is the worst that can happen?

And so, here is to a new week. Have a nice Monday.

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