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3 June, 2011 at 00:01 (GMT+01:00)

By Lukeh

Sidepodcast F1: The Fryiest of all the week's days

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The Fryiest of all the week's days

Hello again, habitants of this lovely Sidepodworld we seem to have ended up on. How has your week been? Once again we have found ourselves coming towards the weekend and it's my goal today to send you out with that Friday feeling having plenty to share and going out on a high! Most importantly though for people in the UK, today is the day that Senna is finally out in the cinema's for all to see after all the acclaim and excitement it's received. So go and see it! Go! I;m watching you intently. *watches on* then come back and ready my Daily!

Paddock News

They seem to be Virgin on the edge of failure, for what it's Wirth - Late last night we found out the news that Wirth Research and their crazy CFD ways of making Formula 1 cars is no longer connected to the Marussia Virgin team. To be honest I've never been convinced by Nick Wirth and the whole CFD approach to making a car so maybe it's for the best for Virgin because they have been an almighty disappointment this year. I know it's only their second year but even HRT seem to have made progress. Chyeah, the team with the multi-million technology system losing to the team that struggled to even get in! Come on!!

I wish I was very much mistaken - If there's one thing I love about the history of Formula 1 it's hearing older races being commentated on by the utter legend that is Murray Walker and it seems on Sunday evening on BBC2 at 8pm there's going to be a program on looking at Murray's life in motorsport and the golden voice behind the mic. It's incredible that he's nearly 90 years old and still actively out and about with the sport he loves. Looking forward to this one.


Fourty Love - Today sees the Semi Finals kick off of the French Open with two massive matches - Federer vs Djokovic and Nadal vs Murray. Just typing them out is exciting enough but I'm excited as hell to see how these play out, and as you can see in the link, Murray seems confident he can beat Nadal even on clay which should be interesting. I do hope he does though. Whilst keeping the tennis theme going, I just have to share this video that Christine posted earlier this week in the comments of Mansour Bahrami that absolutely blew me away. I know Amy and Lou are huge fans but now I've seen the footage it's totally understandable why, what an utter legend!

Life from the Reserve Driver Lane - Our favourite walking wikipedia man that is Karun Chandhok has written up his thoughts and feelings about the Monaco Grand Prix weekend and being there in the whole midsts of the brilliance that it is, with the overlaying point to his article being that drivers sign up for the sport knowing full well the risks which goes without saying. I do like hearing stuff from the drivers though so it's a nice little article from Karun.

Every New Song is a Waterfall of Awesome - If you're a big Coldplay fan you may be interested to know that at 11:30am GMT today the band will be debuting the first new song off their upcoming new album later in the year, with the song called Every Teardrop is a Waterfall. Maybe they have hayfever or watched the ending to Armageddon, that's a lot of tears. I'm very excited to hear this though, feels like it's been ages apart from the Christmas song that we've heard new Coldplay. Woohoo!!

Itty Bitty Links

And now for a few final things to make your day. I've mentioned GOG.com a few times before, an online source of good old games for download at very cheap prices, and yesterday they announced a deal to gradually start selling EA Games which is a HUGE deal for them and rightly so, there could be some good classic EA games coming over the next few months. Next up, if you're into any space related activities and especially the Endeavour landing that took place earlier this week make sure you check out this range of incredible photographs relating to the sad final landing of this legendary ship. Love that ring of atmosphere around the Earth in #27. What do we reckon about this initial sneak peak into Windows 8, people? Won't lie, I think I love the user interface. It's like the Xbox 360 dashboard had a baby with Windows Mobile, and it's a huge jump for a Windows OS to look as good as this personally. But we'll see, early days yet. I feel like having a proper geek out now. Bring on E3 next week and the unveiling of Project Cafe, Nintendo's supposed successor to the Wii!

And that's that for another week my friends. Have a brilliant Friday and enjoy the lovely summer weather!

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