Daily: 3rd July 2011

3 July, 2011 at 00:20 (GMT+01:00)

By Lou

Hello everyone! Goodness me I’ve had a busy few days, and because of my adventures (pictures and blog posts coming soon) I’m going to keep this short and sweet.

Firstly I want to wish everyone going to the glorious Goodwood Festival of Speed today an absolutely wonderful day. I hope it’s just as amazing as my past few days! Enjoy it, but remember, wear some sunscreen. It’s mighty hot!

Today is of course the Men’s Wimbledon finals which see Novak Djokovic going up against Rafa Nadal, to battle for No.1 spot. It’s going to be a cracking match, I hope you’ll all tune in and come and join us in the comments.

Whatever you’re doing tomorrow, remember you can always download the FOTA fan forum podcast from Autosport if you haven’t caught up yet.

On to some arty links then;

• Brock Davis is an amazing comical photographer, taking ordinary items and creating pieces of art. For example, he can do this with broccoli, and this with a gummy bear . If you would like to see more of his excellent work, you can visit his site.

• Here is just a great example of wonderful photography

• If these sculptures are anywhere near you, you simply must visit them they look amazing!

A fan of 8bit video games?

That’s about it for this week I’m afraid, except I must remind you to visit the new f1 exhibition in London at the Getty Images gallery.

I shall leave you all to enjoy the rest of your wonderful Sunday!

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