Daily: 31st May 2010

31 May, 2010 at 00:02 (GMT+01:00)


Wow-ee. How on earth do you follow a weekend like that, full of dodgy singing, surprisingly good racing and some rather big talking points? Well, I know the right three words to cheer your Monday up, Bank Holiday Monday. Yes, for the second time this month, you can have a lie-in and have a beautiful, relaxing Monday. That is of course unless you don't have it and then I salute you, in working on such a day and for keeping the world ticking. Heroic speech over, to the bulletpoints:

  • We were treated to a fantastic Turkish Grand Prix yesterday, yes, you read that right. A fantastic Turkish Grand Prix. The usual links from me, Lukeh and Leigh apply. But the big talking point comes from the incident between the two Red Bull drivers, is Vettel the teacher's pet, is Webber's time at Red Bull nearing an end? There is a poll and a good debate going on here at Sidepodcast, but Lukeh pointed this interesting article out from James Allen.
  • Kobayashi rullllllllllllles. (And thats not sarcasm)
  • What do you follow a great race with, well, more great racing. The Indy 500 was on yesterday, and I watched it for the first time. Can honestly say I really enjoyed it, even if it was a lucky escape in the end for my supported driver Ryan Hunter-Reay, who was involved in a rather awful accident with Mike Conway, who's car flipped quite scarily. Conway, who of course tested for Honda a few years back, apparantly has a broken leg.

So, just under two weeks left until the World Cup starts, and funny chap Mark Watson has a helpful guide for those of you going to watch the thing for the first time (Mr C, thats you). Until then, there is my non-stop tweets about how England will fail at it and how the mighty Serbia (who lost to New Zealand) will do well.

Should stop talking about the football, the week ahead has lots of things to look forward to it. Of course, some people in the comments are heading off to Motorsport at the Palace, so have a fun day you guys!

Have a nice Monday to the rest of you.

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