Daily: 31st December 2010

31 December, 2010 at 00:01 (GMT)

By Lukeh

Sidepodcast F1: I'm wishing you a happy new year in advance!

Credit: My black marker pen

I'm wishing you a happy new year in advance!

Hello once again friends, and welcome to the very last day of 2010. It's been quite a year hasn't it? Of course today is Decemeber 31st and whilst it is indeed my birthday today (Happy birthday me!) it is more importantly New Years eve and I'm sure many of you are preparing for celebrations to go into a fresh new year of good times and F1 racing. Of course, the comments will always be here so you're always welcome to come share this final day of 2010 with all the commentors in this fine e-stablishment. Whilst you're here, here's some news and links for you to enjoy.

Paddock News

Not a Toaster in Sight - Leigh discovered late yesterday evening this small find of construction finally beginning at the (Steve) Austin site for the United States GP. It's not the most exciting videos at all, in fact it's a few diggers looking mighty lost and confused in all fairness. That definitely means it's the right place, seeing as track constructions these days seem to come with the word 'delays' added on top! At least it looks hilly, unless Mr Tilke eats that land for dinner to make it flat. Om nom nom.

Thursday Thoughts - What is your favourite part of the F1 Weekend? - As you know I always try and make sure I take part in Thursday Thoughts, and this week was no exception as Christine took charge of the ranks and asked us what part of the weekend we like the most in F1. This does mean of course one thing - BUNDLE TIME!! - in which you find all of this week's entries. I do very much advise more people to take part because it's always interesting to hear several opinions on the same subject and see how people interpret the question. I'm sure Christine won't mind more entries this week even though it's Friday now!

In a world where horse power is a worldwide currency... - And of course, there is this big movie coming out in 2011 that all f1 fans should definitely watch and then tell someone over the radio they confirmed they've seen it. ahem. No, of course it's just me being bored on photoshop but I do think it'd be good. Can you tell I'm struggling for f1 news this week?


Little Big Windows - I'm absolutely gobsmacked by this. Geniunely, totally blown away. You may not of heard of the game Little Big Planet, or you may indeed have heard of it, but it's a Playstation 3 title that lets you create levels and do all sorts of crazy stuff with an unlimited amount of potential for what you can create for a level, absolutely anything you like. Next month sees the release of the sequel in which you can go on to create your own game if you really wanted too and somehow, in some way whatsoever, someone had created their own Windows XP operating system in the game. Now of course it's not a carbon copy but it is basically a little computer in the game which is ridiculously impressive. The developers gave out ideas of creating little racing games, little shooting games and allsorts of genres but an actual operating system? It's seriously impressive stuff. Also I am convinced at 1:40 in the video they have programmed in Uprising by Muse...

Dakar dakar dakar dakar dakar GOOSE! - Yesterday saw another entry into the Dakar 2011 previews being written up and published by the lovely Guille and not only do they include some staggeringly good photos from the man himself but plenty of good information and new things to learn about the Dakar event. I'm still struggling to overcome the fact they are racing flipping trucks! massive trucks! That are flipping about! Trucks! Unbelievable, Jeff. I get scared enough playing on my Xbox let alone racing about in trucks!! It;s a great series of posts though from Guille and you're bound to learn something new about the event.

I'll Scribble Your Scrabble Before I Scrobble - Now that Chess has become a big time favourite past time with the commentors here at Sidepodcast, I myself have been delving into another game this week as I finally downloaded the hugely popular Words with Friends app for the iManyThings. It's really very good! Even better that there's a free version too, how excellent. For those not in the know, Words with Friends is basically online Scrabble. It's great fun, and if any of you lovely people would like to challenge me to a match on it (I am quite bad at it!) you can send me a request at 'lukehmuse' in the game. Of course I couldn't pass this opportunity to give a certain someone in the comments to show her competitive side, although in her defence she beat me fair and square, and impressively too!

And finally...

Daily Listen - Kolnidur Live by Jonsi - As you know every week I recommend an album but this week I'm going to include a video that just about sums up my own personal 2010 and also gives you an opportunity to embrace a beautiful presentation of music. You will know I'm sure of my fond love for Jonsi and the fine music he makes, and earlier in December our favourite Icelandic export released a live DVD of his staggeringly good gigs. I wanted to just include a taster for you to cherish and enjoy of the gorgeous animations that accompany KolniĆ°ur whilst Jonsi and his band perform. It's a stunning song and a wondeful animation that come together perfectly. Go Live is currently available for purchase on Jonsi's official website and I highly recommend it.

Thank You - To end 2010 I thought it'd only be appropriate to end by saying a big massive thank you to Christine and Mr C for being the wonderful people that they are and making Sidepodcast still prosperous and lively despite a tough year for them and the sport ultimately coming out alright in the end after a brief hiatus. I think I can speak for us all when I say we all truly, truly appreciate the wonderful effort they make to make Sidepodcast even more wonderful, with Christine's talent of writing combined with Mr C's genius coding combining to make a force only Batman can truly understand. But as well as that, from myself I want to thank you people who comment and make every day at Sidepodcast a wonderful place to visit. Thank you. I would come and give you all hugs if I could!

And that's that for another week year! Hopefully today will be a nice birthday for myself and for everyone else we'll have a nice good ending to 2010 with much rejoicing as we enter a new year in a slightly less than sober state and many hugs allround I'm sure. It's been a pleasure spending 2010 with you peoples, I've had a great year and I can only hope 2011 will be just as good. Have a fantastic day and I'll see you on the other side. Blwyddyn Newydd Dda!