Daily: 31st August 2011

31 August, 2011 at 00:01 (GMT+01:00)

By Gavin Brown

Well hello there.  It must be Wednesday again!  I have been very busy this week, mainly with the fact that I will be running in a 5x5km relay on Thursday.  I’ve been training really hard for 6 months, and I feel ready.  We got our shirts in yesterday and all our team gear (start numbers, etc.) too, so I’m super excited by how it will turn out…

I don’t have many links for you though.  Check out Christine’s Driver and Team Rankings for lots of nice links and info, along with an F1 Minute piece on the legendary Gordon Murray getting a job in F1 again, and a lovely F1 Big Picture

There have been a few comments about a pet peeve of a lot of people, namely the phrase “Going Forward”.  Speaking of which, here’s an article from Heikki about how to make a start in an F1 car, something Mark Webber might want to read.  Also Jenson Button is hoping that “Going Forward” he will be a McLaren driver, which strangely hasn’t happened yet.  Hmm, 2009 all over again?

A couple of blog posts for you – first, Joe has some big picture stuff (I wonder where he got that name from ;) ), fast Frenchmen and a story which you may have already seen, but interested me in that the Lotus vs. Lotus saga may be near an end.  Lukeh has his round up of the Belgian GP, while Gary Marshall gives us a glimpse into the future.

Have you ever heard of a cardboard recyclable building?  Well, in Christchurch the Cathedral was sadly knocked down by the recent earthquakes, so while it is being rebuilt, they have commissioned a Japanese architect to build one out of waterproof cardboard – it has to last 10 years, apparently.  Not sure I’d like sitting in a cardboard building, myself…

Finally, io9 reports that Pandas may be able to help mitigate a future shortage of oil … so now when the Sidepodcast Panda Racing Team gets off the ground, Pandas may actually help us fuel it too!

Have a great day and see you in the comments.  May the Cake be with you!

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