Daily: 30th May 2011

30 May, 2011 at 00:01 (GMT+01:00)

By Christine Blachford

So there it was, the Monaco Grand Prix in all it's finery. What did you make of it? We've got all the coverage here on Sidepodcast, but equally, if you're ready to let us know what you thought about the race, then why not drop us a voicemail? We're recording the show this evening so you still have plenty of time. 0121 28 87225 is the number you'll need, or if you're just a bit too shy (don't be) then christine@sidepodcast.com is the email for more wordy items.

Sidepodcast F1: Kamui on his way to fifth place in Monaco

Credit: Sauber Motorsport AG

Kamui on his way to fifth place in Monaco

Everything has to be about Monaco, really. We've got the race highlights and an F1 Minute - which, if I say so myself, is quite a masterpiece in picking out the salient points of a race and squeezing into a ridiculous time limit. I do not recommend anyone try this. It was quite stressful.

There's more data than you can shake a stick at over on the F1 Data Junkie blog, and it's all fascinating stuff. From an analysis of the race specifically from Button's point of view, to fuel corrected lap times in Free Practice. There's plenty to peruse and plenty of pretty graphs to ogle.

This weekend, Williams finally picked up their first points, thanks to Rubens Barrichello crossing the line within the top ten. Pastor Maldonado was also looking to finish strongly, until Lewis Hamilton got involved. The less said about the better, I feel. Über-Rubens fan Lukeh wrote up his thoughts after the race, with some high scoring for his race analysis.

And of course, given that Monday dailies are the spiritual home of our very own RG, it would be remiss of me not to mention the excellent job that Kobayashi did in the race, finishing fifth. As the man says:

I don't think I've mentioned enough that Kobi finished 5th today. 5th! A low-end midfield team doesn't finish 5th.

SauberRG's Twitter avatarSauberRG

A fabulous end to a difficult weekend for the team.

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