Daily: 30th June 2011

30 June, 2011 at 09:15 (GMT+01:00)

By Steven Roy

Since no-one has posted a daily I thought I would write one with a few interesting links I have found. Obviously as it is a last minute rushed job it is not to the normal standard but since everyone at sidepodcast has a problem with time zones at least this lets people know they are on the correct day.


We had a discussion the other day about a little space rock that came within 12,000 km of hitting the Earth. Well that is not the only close call people have had with things flying around in space. The occupants of the International Space Station had to lock themselves in the two Soyuz craft that are currently docked there while a piece of space debris whizzed by way too close for comfort.

We all know the festival of Speed is happening in the next few days. I just found out that Martin Donnelly is driving a Lotus 102 there. That won’t mean much to most of you but the last time he drove one it split in two across the cockpit and deposited him on the track ending a potentially great F1 career. He was Damon Hill’s F3 team mate and Hill was not threat to him. He then drove for Eddie Jordan in F300 with Jean Alesi as his team mate and there was nothing between them in speed but Donnelly was far smarter behind the wheel.

Finally. We all know Alison is a fan of Masterchef which is a show where people who claim that they are great cooks prove that they are clueless. Well it seems the presenters have become a bit of an internet sensation as someone has turned some of their comments into a song.

I think that is enough for an emergency daily

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