Daily: 30th December 2008

30 December, 2008 at 00:01 (GMT)

By Christine Blachford

With Honda Racing seemingly back in the Classified Ads, the news has died down again somewhat, but that doesn't stop us in the comments. In Sidepodcast Towers, we've been working on some of the 2008 In... series, and forward planning for 2009. I know, us and forward planning, who would have thought? Anyway, here are some of the things happening outside of the Towers:

  • Apparently, a parade that was due to be held in Woking in Hamilton's honour has had to be cancelled. The Council weren't prepared to fund the security bill, which they estimated would be over £100,000. Having seen the crowds at Goodwood for Lewis before he won the championship, I can only imagine what they would be like now.
  • With news trickling out about Rome's desire to hold a street race, Ollie has asked where readers would like to see a street race take place. Head on over to BlogF1 to comment, and then let us know what you said.
  • James Allen is trying to convince us that the Alonso to Ferrari story is true. I don't need that much convincing because with contracts all up in the air from the end of 2009 anyway, anything could happen. Alonso is usually the one holding up the driver's market, why should things be any different in 2010 / 2011?

There's also a fiendishly difficult game circulating in the comments. It seems to be very popular, but I couldn't work out level 1, and didn't have the inclination to try very hard. Let us know how you get on though, if you attempt it, and I'll see you in the comments.

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