Daily: 30th April 2010

30 April, 2010 at 00:01 (GMT+01:00)

By Lukeh

It’s not quite Saturday but it’s a bit more than Thursday, which must mean it’s a Friday once again! Lukeh here once more taking through these 24 hours into another weekend of no Formula 1 and following a week of very little news (unless of course you are an avid thumb enthusiast in which F1 went into new level for excitement for you I’m sure.). Happy ‘Koninginnedag’, or Queens Day, to all the Sidepodcast fans reading in the Netherlands, hope you have an awesome celebration. I would have a Queen day myself and throw on some Bohemian Rhapsody but sadly I shall be too busy working. Enough about that though, there’s so much to discuss but Time is Running Out...!

  • Yesterday saw the big unveiling of the new Silverstone layout from this year forward in terms of the track and future pitlane development. The guys behind Silverstone did a great job at being quintessentially British by putting up a little building with a couple of cars on a dull British day. The BBC have a video where they talk with Tony Jardine (remember him from ITV F1?) and Damon Hill as they explain the changes, especially Jardine who seems to really enjoy the word fast. It is quite a fast word, in all fairness. Hopefully not too fast to go causing too much Hysteria.
  • There’s not much more to talk about F1 really, the news this week has been slower than a Luca Badoer Simulator. Goodness that would be a terrifyingly boring game. On the subject of games, Codemasters yesterday released an extended video of their recent develop diary studying the handling in the upcoming Formula 1 2010 videogame. I’m quite excited by it. I hope you are too, because if you aren’t I may cry. It really does look Glorious.
  • Jackie wrote a fantastic post on Viva F1 yesterday regarding the presence of women in motorsport and it’s definitely worth spending your time reading as is going through the awesomeness that is VivaF1. One last plug-style link from me; This isn’t related to anything in f1 or whatever but I had to share what I saw it on Twitter yesterday. It’s a musical equivalent of the London Underground and it really is stupendously fantastic. Just going studying the amount of detail included provided much Bliss for myself
  • I’m going to have a De-lurkers point here. If you are lurking in the comments reading this then just do one thing for me today – come and say HELLO!! Maybe not as loud, or you could, I don’t mind. Just say hello to us all and come and join the conversation whether it be in real time or whatever way you like. The regular Sidepodcast commentors always love to see a new face come and greet themselves so you’ll be missing out if you don’t say hello. I’m sure you’ll come away Feeling Good from doing so.

I think that covers everything. Today will be the last day that commentor Kathi spends with us for a few months as she trots off to her “super secret” summer job (I reckon she’s touring worldwide to make our internet as super fast as hers). Not only is she a lovely person but Kathi has been a huge help for everyone who’s going to the Belgium GP later this summer so before you head off Kathi, thanks and good luck with the job!! Sorry if it’s a bit long again, I should know when to shut up. Remember to go read Christine’s new part of Life in the Fast Line, have a super Friday and a great weekend, and in the comments is where we shall meet once more. Need to find a better way to sign off, perhaps next week I could Take a Bow...

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