Daily: 2nd September 2011

2 September, 2011 at 00:01 (GMT+01:00)

By Lukeh

Good morning, afternoon and evening wherever you may be in the world, whether it be the UK, Australia, America and of course, Rotherham. It’s the 2nd of September, how did that happen? We’re already approaching the autumn (or spring if you’re in the southern hemisphere) but I do love all the golden and reddy colours of the autumn. Also, today is Olivier Panis’ birthday! Happy birthday him!

Paddock News

A new future for Toro Rosso? - Here’s something out of nowhere for you to have athink about as it seems Toro Rosso may be about to get a new owner through IPIC and the many, many millions it brings for it’s owners. RG pointed out that they may very much become the Man City of F1, with Arabic owners coming in with a boatload of money for a pretty average team really. Will we see New Toro Rosso signing Fernando Alonso for £50million? The magic 8 ball says... yes.

Deja Vuno Senna - I’m getting some major déjà vu, as it seems Rubens’ seat is being threatened again by youngsters such as Bruno Senna for next season. Gosh, I don’t think I would be able to handle a change like that, especially now I actually like Bruno! Rubens must say, and I reckon he will. But my far out logic has come to the conclusion that this means next season Williams will be Brawn-esque and...errr...Pastor will be champion. Maybe not then.


Take a Walk on the wild Aside - I know a lot of people always look forward to these and quite right too because they're always a fascinating listen, so make sure you spend some time today giving the brand spanking new Aside with Joe a listen. Seeing as F1 is back from it's Summer Break it's only fair that the Aside returns too with plenty of informative goodiness and stories aloof.

Monopolised by the Future - Goodness me, could that possibly be the best Monopoly board ever? I mean, honestly - Futurama, and Monopoly, all mushed together into a combination that may have slightly broken my brain in utter amazement. Yet, it gets even better! If you’re a fan of the Fallout series of games (I quite like them, just a bit..) then you have to see this unofficial Monopoly board someone has made. Absolutely awesome, on both counts. I’ll let the dream team represent my own personal reaction to these Monopoly boards

A Manic Christmas Night - As if the news of the Manics bringing out a greatest singles collection in November wasn’t awesome enough, it seems the band are going to be doing a one off gig at the O2 performing all the singles for one special night just before Christmas. It sounds like they’re making a proper night out of it with special guests, and all kinds of Nicky Wire related paraphernalia. Exciting stuff!

Pandamonium with Paper and Pencils - For her weekly instalment of Panda Thursday, Christine this week gave it a jolly good go of drawing some Panda’s, and I really really like them! Plus I do love seeing other people draw with how much sketching and whatnot interests me so you can’t fault Mrs C for having a go too. Why got join in and do some drawings of your own if you have a blog and share the sketching?

And Finally...

One or two final little things:

  • My latest edition of F1 Babelfish is up over at Gridwalk Talk for Belgium with plenty of nonsense and bad puns and all sorts. Why not take a read?
  • All of a sudden the Nintendo 3DS suddenly appeals to me. Why? ROLLERCOASTER TYCOON!! Ohh they better not ruin it or I will shake my fist so much.
  • Check out the world’s most honest logos. I’m sure I’ve seen some before but they always make me laugh because they’re so true!
  • And this is what happens when you get two AI chatbots talking to each other... it’s like watching the Terminator films watching each other! Run!!

That’s all for this week me thinks. Last night I was reminiscing on the utter brilliance that was that ‘Carry On’ video that ITVF1 did at the end of their reign with F1 coverage and I still stand by how awesome it is. Imagine the awkwardness getting to film that with all the various people involved! BBCF1 definitely need to do one. Have a wonderful Friday, everyone!

Carry On by andybe29

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