Daily: 2nd May 2011

2 May, 2011 at 01:00 (GMT+01:00)


Since there has been a resurgance of people forgetting which day it is, me included, I wish to start off by saying that today is MONDAY. Thats M-o-n-d-a-y. Unless you are reading this on another day say if you are looking back through the archives, then its only a 1/7 chance of it being Monday and I'd strongly suggest looking at a calendar or something.

I could try and follow my last attempt at a daily post. But, frankly, my personal bar has been set quite high its almost touching the ceiling. And frankly, I'm hardly the tallest person in the world. Or hardly in the middle either.

So, whats in the news. And OH MY GOD, there is F1 news on a Sunday. Bahrain have said they want to stage F1 in the near future... oh wait, this is Saturday's news. Looks like status quo has resumed.

In the Indycar, oh look, nothing happened. And by the looks of things, nothing might of well replaced something in the MotoGP too.

And of course in the football, nothing should have happened in the game between Chelsea and Tottenham, but it did because of a blind linesman and our good old friend Sepp Blatter's continual refusal to introduce goal line technology. And Gomes continual refusal to hold onto a ball. Similarly, Manchester United's defeat has now given Chelsea every opportunity to go out and win the whole thing, which wouldn't of happened say, if Sepp Blatter had decided to introduce goal line technology.

I won't go on about the game between my local non-league team and Lukeh's local non-league team. No time. Ahem.

But I tell you where something is back people.... Speedway GP has returned!!! Hooray, cheers, its back. And its everyone's favourite rebel Nicki Pedersen who won on the night, but trails current champion Tomasz Gollob in the Championship. My tip Emil Sayfutdinov failed me and only finished third, whereas everyone's favourite over 40 year old (don't worry the rest of this sentence isn't Michael Schumacher) Greg Hancock was flying, before losing out in the semi finals in a shock result. The big moment of the night came from new boy Janusz Kolodziej, who literally flew in heat 20. It returns in 12 days time in Gothenburg, Sweden.

You know what else is happening in 12 days time (a few miles down south of Sweden)? Thats right, Eurovision! You may have heard. Once or twice. Heck I've even started my Eurovision Sofa looking at the songs, starting with A-D and E-I. Coming up today.... L-R. Exciting stuff. Is that not all? No, no it isn't. Follow ESC Daily who have live updates from the rehersals (seriously some of us are that sad).

We haven't had a contender for strangest sporting injuries for a while, but golfer Alex Cejka broke his toe, after hitting a poor golf shot, he vented his fury by smashing his club into the ground, only to catch his shoe and breaking his toe.

And lets finish on some stuff on Sidepodcast, Chris the Yankee has posted his thoughts on DRS and Pirelli creating entertaining races, there's also the chance to be your own interviewee by asking questions on F1 stuff. There is no time to plug right now, but Kai has also penned a review of the documentary 'Senna', who of course, along with Roland Ratzenberger, sadly passed away 17 years ago the past weekend.

Have a nice Monday.

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