Daily: 2nd March 2011

2 March, 2011 at 00:01 (GMT)

By Gavin Brown

Well hello everyone!  It’s been a while hasn’t it? Firstly, thank you to everyone who filled in for my usual Daily Post while I was away, I did have a catch up of the SPC posts while I was on holiday and you all did a great job, so thanks for that!

Now I’m back once again like a Renegade Master though, so I do hope you enjoy what I have for you today ;)

For those who don’t know, I have been on holiday for a couple of weeks.  Mrs. Goat and I went to the absolutely brilliant Trinidad & Tobago on an invitation from a colleague of mine here in Denmark who went back for a long holiday.  The experiences we had were absolutely fantastic – the weather was lovely, the sea warm, the food spicy and exotic, the people warm and friendly and the rum & coconut water ice cold :D 

We miss it already as it was a really special place and a great holiday but I have uploaded loads of pics to Facebook and my Flickr account – with a highlights album here.  Have a quick look through and I hope you enjoy them…

Sidepodcast F1: Yes, the beaches really do look like Paradise in the Caribbean...

Credit: Gavin Brown

Yes, the beaches really do look like Paradise in the Caribbean...

Now for some F1 news and stuff

But enough about my holidays – time for some links to the main stories in F1!  Hopefully what I link to this time won’t start any more flame wars, eh? ;)

The first story is not really much of a story – Red Bull are going to be sponsored by Infiniti for 2011 and beyond.  But what has made this story interesting is the way the media have handled it.  The PR company handling the release of the story asked for an embargo on the release of the story until midnight, March 1st.  The BBC however released a story on Sunday (which has since been taken down, hence the Google Cache link). 

Of course, the PR company were not happy with that and the story got taken down, as it turned out to be mostly inaccurate – stating that Red Bull would run rebranded Infiniti engines.  It’s a shame to see the BBC get it so wrong and not get their facts straight as they are seen to be a trusted source of information.

Joe was also in the firing line as he posted on this story and did not get it right either – with a very strong discussion in the comments on his blog over the way he handled the story.  We have also had some great discussions in the comments here about it too.  At the end of the day, the story has got a lot more mileage than it should have!

In other news… Timo Glock has had an appendectomy, but he’s ok – and even managed to score points in Christine’s Rankings as he tweeted from Hospital!  By the way, Christine’s Rankings are now split into two parts, the team part can be found here.  Also, don’t forget Tweets of the Week and Christine has a Pandariffic new header on her personal website ;)

McLaren have been posting some excellent retrospective articles and here is another about how Ayrton Senna got his first F1 test.  When’s the movie coming out in Europe???

Bernie Ecclestone is currently going through his typical pre-season nonsensical rant phase – this time criticising the moveable rear wings and suggesting that F1 races should have artificial rain to make things more exciting.  Also, he is suggesting that the Bahrain Grand Prix be moved to August during the summer break, which Joe thinks the teams will never agree to.

Lukeh celebrated his blogthday yesterday with a summary of his most popular posts in 2010 – which happened to be St. David’s Day (the Patron Saint of Welsh Cakes).  To celebrate, F1 Badger ran an article on F1’s Top 5 Welshmen.

Sir Jackie Stewart thinks F1 circuits are too much the same and don’t punish the drivers enough.  Hear hear! Speaking of Sir Jackie, the Sportscar team he used to drive for is back – entering an Aston Martin DBRS9 GT3 at the 24 Hours of Spa in July.

Peugeot are going to campaign a Hybrid 908 at Le Mans this year with a KERS system – except it will operate every time the car accelerates and not just a contrived “push-to-pass” system, which sounds like a much better application of KERS if you ask me.

Pat’s got his TMR Game scores up for week 6 – I am doing badly due to my holiday, so remember to get your picks in in time!

One of my favourite childhood rally heroes, Juha Kankkunen, has just broke the World Ice Land Speed Record in a Bentley at 205mph.  Only the Finns…

Springfield Punx WHOsdays are back!  This time, it’s the Silurians

David Walliams of Little Britian fame is hosting a mammoth 24 hour Panel Show for Comic Relief – but will it be as good as Sidepodradio I wonder?

Facebook are launching a new commenting system which will allow linking to and from articles and comments, and should in theory reduce flaming and trolling – maybe Joe could use this to help him out on his blog? ;)

A friend of mine was given a Supercar driving experience as a Christmas present and I promised to find out if it was any good – what are your thoughts and do you have any tips for the lucky ****?

Finally, my friend from University has written her first app for the iPhone called TimeEstimator – a fun game where you have to guess correctly how long a certain time period takes without looking at the clock.  She wrote it to learn objective-C, so check it out and let her know what you think!

So that’s all from me – Enjoy your day, see you in the comments and I look forward to reading the Spanish Wednesday that Amanda will publish later!

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