Daily: 2nd June 2011

2 June, 2011 at 01:03 (GMT+01:00)

By Pat W

Hi everyone.

It was good to hear that Endeavour landed safely. It is such a shame that the fleet is being retired with no direct replacement. Especially so when you see photos like these. They also make me realise just how fantastic the International Space Station really is.

Did you win any tickets to the Olympics? What will you be seeing? I didn't, not yet anyway. Is the first-round process over? Are they done? Looks like the second-chance sale is the next thing to try! Not that I mind too much as it means I can afford two days at Goodwood instead of one. I hope at least someone from here got something?

I wrote a few opinions about the Monaco GP. Tonight I plan to do the same about the Indy 500 and look out for a post from Leigh about that too. Must say I've fallen quite a way behind on everyone's writing, including my own, so apologies if I'm missing something obvious!

If you want to get a feel for just how big the Indy 500 is when there in person, these are some very well-written pieces from Steph and from Paul who experienced it in very different ways.


There's no F1 this weekend, but you can get a fix from any of these fine events:

  • MotoGP - Catalunya, just two weeks after F1 visited, but without the injured Dani Pedrosa which may not go down well at one of his home races.
  • FIA GT1 World Championship - The very first major series to use Silverstone's brand new pit facilities will be the FIA GT1, GT3 and GT4 championships this weekend, just as last year they were the first to try the new track layout. I was tempted to go but I need to save my pennies for Goodwood!
  • DTM - All hail the return of the Osterreichring! Or the A1-Ring! Except it isn't either of those now, it is the Red Bull Ring and it is open for business with DTM and F3 Euroseries this week.
  • Isle of Man TT races. The Superbike and Sidecar events are this weekend, with more happening over the following week.
  • BTCC - Oulton Park, the old favourite.
  • IRC - Yalta Rally is a Ukrainian event near the Black Sea and is new to the international calendar.
  • GrandAm - 6 Hours of The Glen (Watkins Glen).
  • NASCAR - the Sprint Cup and the Nationwide Series will be racing at Kansas this weekend.
  • There is supposed to be a round of Superleague Formula at Assen, but who knows whether it'll actually happen or indeed if anyone will notice...

Now these is all well and good but this is the bridge between two epic weekends: Last Sunday we had Monaco, Indy and Charlotte. Next Saturday and Sunday we'll have Le Mans 24hr, Montreal (F1), Texas (Indy) and Silverstone (MotoGP). So I don't know about you but I feel like having a rest, I'm probably just going to watch the MotoGP this week.

What we need is a musical interlude

Lukeh's written about a few song choices and asks about your own little playlist. Christine is working through the 30 Day Song Challenge which Lukeh also finished recently.

When I want to distance myself from concentrating on something, or when I want to focus in on something, I find the best way is to turn off the shuffle feature and actually play an album straight through. I do love a good shuffle feature session as much as anyone but nothing is more effective at relaxing you and and taking you away from any frustrations than playing an album or two straight through. I have always preferred albums to singles though, so maybe that's me.

When Mr C, Lukeh, myself and a mate of mine went to see the Manic Street Preachers recently (and no, we won't stop going on about it 'cos it was awesome and we should arrange more), we also really enjoyed the support act. So the album I want to recommend today is The Big Roar by that support band, The Joy Formidable. I bought it earlier. We thought they needed a 'catchy' song to hang the others around but I have to say, listening to the album it isn't like that, it works much better as a 49-minute complete listen and there are plenty of catchy moments.

This is The Greatest Light Is The Greatest Shade by The Joy Formidable, I've chosen this one because that opening riff was in my head for ages afterwards.

Have yourselves a great Thursday.

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