Daily: 2nd July 2010

2 July, 2010 at 00:01 (GMT+01:00)

By Lukeh

It's another Friday and that means another Daily thread from yours truly today. Although things are a little different today as I sit next to Lou, watching over my every word making sure I'm giving you is top quality. Actually she's sitting on the bed playing/shouting at Monopoly on my iPod but shh. Anyways today is an awesome day as the Goodwood Festival of Speed starts today and we will be there!! WOO!! Although there was a moving motorsport yesterday but that is a fake day, where people move. In motorsport. Fun times! Anyways, time for my favourite companion since the Doctor's friends - the bullet points.

  • So yesterday the big Formula 1 chiefs met together to discuss stuff as FOTA and talk about stuff. It was generally full of stuff apparently. Some of the biggest names in Formula 1 attended including Martin Whitmarsh, Tony Fernandes and of course, Leigh O'Gorman. I found it all a little pointless as did many in the dedicated thread here on Sidepodcast - why have a chat about their warped version of reality with us fans knowing it won't happen? We all know what Formula 1 needs anyways - more Rubens. I'm very unsure about this meeting really but remember to jump over to it's dedicated thread to discuss the FOTA Fan Forum Fun For Fursday.
  • So Jenson Button yesterday had a seat fitted for his drive at Goodwood this weekend. Jenson will be driving Alain Prost's McLaren on Saturday in which I'm sure he will love doing so. According to Lou, Jenson likes Prost but McLaren play up his fandom a bit because of how much Lewis likes Senna. If you ask me, if Jenson wanted to drive a legendary car that has been driven by a hero of his, then he should be driving last year's Brawn GP car but with the number 23 on it. Ahem.
  • So we could be getting another awful looking race track from Spain added to the calendar in the future thanks to a new track proposition from Mallorca... or Majorca... or My Yorkie... whatever it's called. This would be another Spanish track if added to the calendar, what with Catalunya and Valencia already on the calendar. What would it be then? The Island GP? The Medditeranen GP? The Tilke Didn't Design This One GP? Let us know your feelings on the mystery Majorca announcement. Although I've never been there on holiday anyways, but we should definitely get to work on the Butlins GP if this race is going to be near some holiday sites.

I think that's enough for one day, it would be fair to say the distractions have been evident throughout writing this daily. Not that I blame anyone who has been sitting nearby me, ahem. No it was because of Location Location Location Location Location Location Location on Channel 4. Silly show. If you're going to Goodwood then please come and say hello to both Lou and I as we tour the grounds/stalk Jenson. I'm sure it'll be a fantastic weekend so I hope everyone else has a fantastic friday and a fantastic weekend!

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