Daily: 2nd February 2009

2 February, 2009 at 02:45 (GMT)

By Mr C.

Okay, so where did the weekend go? It's Monday already and yet we're no further on down our to-do list.

It looks like the next twenty-something hours are going to be dominated by the very British subject of the weather. Already drop.io is filling up with images of snowy vistas and there's talk tomorrow of missed school and building snowmen. This clearly isn't going to be a normal Monday by any stretch.

Top subjects up for discussion today include:

  • It would appear that Bernie has finally come around to the idea that Europe may be in need of an additional race. According to Grandprix.com, with France almost out of the picture, Germany suffering financially and the British GP anything but secure, Portugal might be an attractive alternate. From what we've seen of testing, it looks like a world class venue, and thus far free from the hand of Tilke. What more could we ask?
  • On the subject of circuit design, R.G. has been busy drawing, designing and manipulating some very grand tracks using quikmaps.com. If you're feeling arty, why not jump in with some other European destinations for Ecclestone to consider?
  • The Sidepodmusicgroup now counts 32 members amongst its ranks and as a result, Muse pretty much own this weeks chart. If you're a music fan, and don't happen to listen to an excessive amount of Muse, please do join up and help redress the balance next Sunday.

It really is amazing how little F1 news there is at 2:30am on a Monday, however, there's no doubt things will liven up later in the day. Please let us know if you spot anything exciting, keep your snowy pictures coming, and yell especially loud if you're marooned for the day.

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