Daily: 2nd December 2008

2 December, 2008 at 00:01 (GMT)

By Christine Blachford

Monday is overwith, and there's the last in the series of Sidepodpanel for you to get your teeth into. However, if you are done with that, then there are also some good conversations going on in the comments. Topics include:

  • What the BBC are going to do with their intro? Will it be anything like ITVs and will they use the Chain?
  • With Hockenheim on the verge of pulling out of F1, who will be next? Will Bernie ever notice, and if he does, will he do anything about it?
  • Jackie kicked off an excellent numbers game, with each number needing an F1 fact to go alongside it. At the moment, we have reached 46, so put your thinking caps on for 47. The previous numbers are collected in the wiki.
  • Hamilton has selected his favourite corners to make the ultimate track. Do you agree with his choices, and if not, what would you put in there instead?

That should keep you going for a while, but don't forget that you don't have to abide by anything I've said. Feel free to bring your own topics to the table and we can all get stuck in. I'll see you in the comments.

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