Daily: 2nd August 2011

2 August, 2011 at 00:01 (GMT+01:00)

By Simon Furnivall

Good morning, great citizens of Sidepodcast, it is Tuesday once again.

There are tumbleweeds rolling down the roads that are usually filled with the noise of F1 cars; for some reason it was felt that the notoriously workaholic staff of Formula 1 teams deserve a life outside of the paddock and factories, and that would be best served by a mid-season break. Given that it means I have to wait four weeks until Spa, I'm not convinced.

Still, there are a few dribbles of F1 news coming out of the Hungarian GP. Nick Heidfeld believes that Renault are 'in trouble' if their planned update for Spa doesn't have the desired effect. In more trouble than seeing your engine explode, Nick?

Mark Gallagher, General Manager of Cosworth's F1 division, has presumably been inhaling some of the noxious fumes that Heidfeld's was spewing out in Budapest. He 'remains convinced' that it has the potential to win races in 'the right car'. Williams might disagree with such a statement.

Searching for other sports to fill the F1 sized hole in my life, it seems that England are being thoroughly good at cricket. Not that long ago that was as likely as England being thoroughly good at football, but they're now just one win or two draws away from reaching the top of the ICC Test Rankings.

I see you falling asleep at the back.

In slightly political news (forgive me) alleged LulzSec hacker Jake Davis has been released on bail after being charged with five offences at the City of Westminster magistrates' court. Presumably Davis' defence will be, “I live on Shetland, there is literally nothing else to do.”

If you'll permit me to indulge in a moment of news from last week, the National Museum of Scotland re-opened on Friday after a £47M refit that saw it closed for three years. I was childishly excited (particularly about the animatronic T-Rex in the opening ceremony) and with twenty-two thousand visitors through its (new) doors on opening day, it seems I wasn't the only one.

Sidepodcast F1: Edinburgh under attack

Credit: Simon Furnivall

Edinburgh under attack

And with that I shall take my leave and see you for my next Daily post in a month. There are reasons for the elongated absence, and they involve shameless self promotion, so here we go. If anyone is in Edinburgh for the festival, you should head down to St Ninians Hall on Comely Bank Road to see Edinburgh Theatre Arts' production of Moll Flanders. It runs from 8th - 20th August and I'm running the lighting and sound.

Have a good day, and I'll see you in the comments.

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