Daily: 2nd April 2011

2 April, 2011 at 00:01 (GMT+01:00)

By Christine Blachford

Ooh, hello there, come in, make yourself at home, although leave your shoes at the door please.

Can I get you a drink? How have you been?

Aren't you glad that yesterday is over and done with? Even the most ardent of April Fool's Day fans must get a little bit tired of trying to work out what is fact and what is fiction. I have written a little something about the day, although I must stress I am the complete opposite of an ardent fan.

Did you hear about Leigh? He's got some epic travelling coming up and all of it via public transport (and/or the kind graces of other travellers). I'm not so good at public transport myself. Trains are okay, but buses freak me out quite a lot. Still, with so much F3 stuff to ponder, travelling should be easy.

You're a bit of a fan of music, aren't you? Yesterday, BBC Four put on a whole evening of programmes dedicated to the institution that is/was Top of the Pops. For UK viewers, it started here and went on for several hours. What I did find interesting about the programme was a discussion Mr C and I got into about which decades you might have been good in - not neccessarily for the music itself but for other reasons. I said I quite enjoyed the seventies style side-to-side clicky-finger dancing and think I would have fitted right in there, but then would have to put up with Cliff Richard. Mr C was quick to point out that you have to put up with Cliff Richard in every decade, which I couldn't argue with.

Anyway, what have you got planned for the rest of the weekend? Presumably, if you are heading to the Boston area, you've already got plans to hook up with the rest of the SidepodBoston party for a... well, a great party.

Oh no, don't say you have to go already. Well, don't forget to check out these other two links before you go. One from Gavin who's got some great graphs, and one from RG who's highlighting a great charity initiative from an athlete.

It's been lovely chatting with you, and hey, you never know, I might see you in the comments.

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