Daily: 2nd April 2010

2 April, 2010 at 00:01 (GMT+01:00)

By Christine Blachford

Ahh, I have never been so happy for a Friday to appear. Firstly, I think we all survived April Fool's Day unscathed. I spotted a couple of amusing things but mostly it was all quite annoying. Secondly, it's Free Practice Factbyte Factbox day! Yay! And thirdly, it's been such a stressful week, I'm glad it's a long weekend. I was too tired to think of things for the daily so I asked for help in the comments. This is what we came up with.

  • Pat's working on a blog post but is a bit too tired to finish it off. Keep an eye on I Watch Too Much Racing for when it does appear though.
  • Similarly, RG was right in the middle of something, but managed to get it finished in time for a direct plug: The Malaysian Monsoons.
  • Mr C wants a plug for his awesome Joe show, which by the way, Neil listened to while he was in the bath. A good show for relaxing to, clearly.
  • Jon is in the midst of editing a preview show, and although I won't finish it for him, I will plug the site where it will appear: The Feeder Series.
  • Steven wants a plug for Scarbs who has three new posts: A Malaysia preview, a piece on Red Bull's ride height control and a great pic of a Sauber wing just as it parts company with the car
  • A couple of people wanted a shoutout for Doctor Who as well, which returns to our screens on Saturday. It's fair to say we're quite excited about it, in which case I will forgive the April Fool from Lukeh: Things You May Not Know About the New Doctor if only because there's a pink TARDIS in there.
  • Mr C also wanted me to share this Twitpic from Laia Ferrer who had some fun and games with the boys from Hispania. I notice that this might be the first time Senna doesn't have his blue hat on.
  • Finally, Lou wanted a quick shout out for something Button related (shock, horror!). The defending champ has a Johnnie Walker related podcast, which you can listen to here, but you have to go through an age barrier before you get there.

That should do it for now. Something a little bit different for a Friday. We'll be along later today with threads, live comments and results galore, and as ever, I will see you in the comments.

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