Daily: 29th March 2011

29 March, 2011 at 00:28 (GMT+01:00)

By amandoloss

Huhu! Welcome to my first daily of the new F1 season. As you all have noticed by now Sebastian Vettel won the first race ...*yaaaaaaaawn* ... and you also know what else happened from here, here , here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here (copying Thomas Morgenstern ... phi!), here and of course here.

For a non-Vettel fan living in Germany has become really hard. Vettel not only is all over the media, but he is everywhere! Not only in Heppenheim, but genuinely everywhere! *screaming* Today I bumped into him at my chemist, laughing at me with this %§$%$/)=(/( smile I do not like at all. But it got even worse! I found him in my shower too! I assume my flat mates clearly want to make me suffer. Why? Why like this? As if this in 156563483 copies all over the city hasn't been enough???!!! *sigh*

Though if you take a closer look, Seb can't even match - in whatsoever and whatever whenever he might do - with this drop-dead chap. I mean, Seb can only dream of eyebrows like THIS!! ;-)

Errrmmm ... so where there some good news? Ah yes, 38% of German inhabitants say Schumi should retire Only 38%? I'm sure it's propaganda. I'm sure they switched the numbers or something. It should have been 83%, I bet!

While everyone is praising Vitaly Pettrov for his Sunday's performance, let us not forget Paul di Resta who made a super debut, and despite finishing behind his team mate ... what's his name again? .............. ehm ... oh, yes, this Sutil guy ... Paul finished the race and scored his first F1 point.

I feel sorry for the Sauber lads, though. What a fantastic race they've both had! Here you can find a very fine explanation (in Dutch) what was wrong with the Sauber wings and why they got disqualified.

While I am writing this very words Lukeh posted this video on facebook. It's "not available in my area" but I'm sure it is worth watching ( so Lukeh says and he must know, because in his area this video is very much available) so have a look!

There's also something to listen for you all out there produced by our lovely Christine and Mr.C who were very prolific in the recent days to provide all the news not only from the Australian F1 action, but also from some domestic (for them of course), and lovely British rowing action from London. I haven't been able to listen to it yet, however I'm going to fulfill my duty of a good sidepodcaster tomorrow at the gym. You should try the sidepodwork-out yourself. A whale of a time! :-)

Keep an eye on this site 'cause a new and shiny edition of Christine's Rankings is going to turn up here soon, I am sure about that.

There's been also this football thing called the Euro Qualifiers going on recently. Wales played England in Cardiff and lost 0:2. England can survive without the talents of Wayne Rooney, but let's not forget that this England played against very poor (let's be honest) Wales. Prior to that match there was a huge captaincy discussion and John Therry was the man to lead the Tree Lions out on the pitch eventually. After the match Fabio revealed he must look for another captain for the friendly against Ghana on Tuesday. Again. Who could it be? Who should it be? Who has to become the new man waring a piece of cloth on his arm? The speculations arose. Again. And then the BIG news came: Gareth Barry named England Captain for the Ghana friendly. The best option Fabio had, if you ask me. Anyway, you can hear all about this, and much more, in the always excellent Football Weekly podcast.

Oh, and Blackburn want to sign Ruud van Nistelrooy. Frankly, as much I love and respect Ruud, I do not think he'll be able to cope with the English football as he used to. It's not the age - it's Ruud (!), so age isn't an issue - but it's more the injuries he had.

Scenes and more scenes at the Cricket World Cup! There's this captain issue thing going on to ... what's going on with the captains, people? And finally: huge excitement (and more scenes) before the mother of all matches (so they say) and I have also learned a new word: "futile" (Ger.: "nutzlos"; Esp.: "inutil").

And to wrap it all up: it's time for some tennis. :-)

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