Daily: 29th June 2010

29 June, 2010 at 00:00 (GMT+01:00)

By Marilene Riddle

It is Tuesday already, but what a weekend! Or more specifically - what a lovely Sunday! It was fantastic to see all my favourite Germans going all out for the victory. Could either win have been more comprehensive? But enough gloating from me. Let us move on to more pleasant stuff, like the bulletpoints that yesterday brought.

  • Okay, this isn't really moving on. But if you haven't yet chipped in on the debate over the steward's penalty that failed to penalize Hamilton, please do. Nothing is better than rehashing how completely incompetent some of them seem to be.
  • Most may have grown bored of it, but not Luca. The Ferrari president continues his moaning on their official race debrief. No wonder they chose Alonso to be their driver over Kimi.
  • Leigh has updated on the Valencia weekend, as well as the picture of the day.
  • Frankly, I found that accident horrific. But Mr. Rubber Goat has found something positive that came out of it. Debate over who is at fault is still raging. Maybe we need a breakout thread for this incident too?
  • F1 wasn't the only race which found Valencia more than a little daunting. GP2 too experienced a frightening race incident.
  • Pedro de la Rosa scores his first points! Unfortunately, it is a negative one. I am delighted with Basti's gain though. What a wonderful way of capping a F1 win by rising up Christine's rankings! ;) And I do think he could have earned even more with his helpfulness.
  • In case you didn't realize, 'Basti' is the cooler shortened form for 'Sebastian' as opposed to the infantile sounding 'Seb'. Like how 'the Netherlands' sounds more awesome than 'Holland'. Or 'Deutschland' is better that what the other countries come up with.
  • Christine has also posted tweets of the week, with di Grassi grabbing the headlines by being (momentarily) P1.
  • As if competing on track isn't enough, Lotus has also a finger in the energy drink pie. Maybe Webber's flight was in some way symbolic?
  • Joe may have had enough of France. :( Janna suggests a move back to the UK.
  • In other sports, R-Andy is out of Wimbledon, while M-Andy proves he doesn't need the Queen's presence to succeed. Novak no longer loses his battles with 'sickness', Federer is back to his winning ways, and Rafa firmly restates that no, he does not need on-court coaching.
  • All and sundry would have been mourning over England's defeat to Germany, but the football team has lost more than the match. I think they should 'lose' their bonuses too, if only just to compensate fans for having to watch their performances.
  • After the grief, come the inquisition. I need not guide you to the many articles that tore into the English squad, manager and FA, but here is an insight into the supposed English mentality towards competitive sport on a whole that I find interesting.
  • By the way, Nick's cat has arrived and is about to take over the world. Much like this one.
  • Finally, a quick ping for people who own an iPad or iPhone. Being able to listen to a book while reading sounds cool, but still not enough to move me to buy Apple stuff though.

So hopefully that will be enough to occupy you for awhile. After that, please do join us in the comments, or on the tennis/football breakout threads for more sporting action. With Spain playing and Wimbledon in its last week, there is bound to be something for you to talk about. ;)

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