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29 July, 2011 at 00:01 (GMT+01:00)

By Lukeh

Sidepodcast F1: Sidepodceefax never truly took off....

Credit: Lukeh

Sidepodceefax never truly took off....

Hello and welcome to Friday! Here we offer such wonderful amenities, with Formula 1 practise, news, some awesome links along the way and of course a whole handful of good times. In fact, why not start off with a bit of a celebration? Today is Fernando Alonso's birthday! Happy birthday Anando! Let's hope he gets a very big birthday present to celebrate the day. We can have our own little celebration with F1 practise today in Hungary in which Christine as always brings the race information and your every need.

Paddock News

No, not a new colander, he wants a new calendar... - Just like a footstep in a cement block on a rainy day, it may not be set in stone yet but Bernie is already looking at shaking next years calendar up and making some major changes. It seems the US will be going to the end of the year along with Bahrain which will be most welcome, and as well as that India gets brought forward near the start and, most importantly to me, Australia starts and Brazil finishes. That sounds lovely jubbly to me, Rodders. What do we reckon, Sidepodpeople? Is it a mistake taking Austin away from the Canada back to back? Only plans right now though, it may not even change.

Super Sauber Stay Strong for S2012 - it seems Peter Sauber has already made his mind up and the winners of the Sauber Apprentice turned out to be Kamui Kobayashi and Sergio Perez, as they get another year in the Sauber. Good decision from Peter if I may say so myself although his next choice should be to bring back the sexy Sauber livery from years back. Although then we would have 3 Red Bull-badged cars. Two is confusing enough. Hell, one team is confusing enough.


Monopolised the wrong way - So it turns out we're all stupid. I'm sorry, I really don't mean that. But, you know, we are. We've all been playing Monopoly the wrong way people. Yes, that's right. all these years and we're all wrong. Even the actual rulebook that comes with Monopoly says it. This reminds me of that time I got told we were all eating bananas the wrong way. Mind = BLOWN!!

Getting down to the Bear Necessities - There is a new member of the Sidepodcast HQ joining Mr C, Christine, Bibendum and Panda (and the giant fan) and that is... Ant! OK so it's not actually Ant as in the Anthony Davidson but instead fluffy Ant. Because he's small, adorable and perhaps because he has links to Mercedes. But mose importantly, because the giant headset fits him perfectly. Welcome, fluffy Ant!

C:/documents/happybirthday.txt - The wierd and wonderful (it was the only cliche I could think of) MS DOS has turned 30 this week and must be going through a midlife crisis now it's no longer needed in this DOSless world but let's look back at the great times we had with DOS. Like that time it ran Theme Hospital, and that time no one knew what to do with it. Now go and shake your fist at that nasty Windows 95 for ruining your 15 minutes years of fame.

Forza's looking to hit the top gear - This is just awesome. We already knew that Forza Motorsport had tied up a deal with the Top Gear guys to be a big part of the game but it seems the multiplayer modes will include stuff from the show including Car Football and Car Bowling, and as well as that Clarkson has got his voice in the game telling you about the cars... in the world.

And the last little things...

  • Have you ever wondered how Richard Branson runs Virgin? Of course you have. Well now you know! I like the special cameo a lot.
  • You can currently get Tekken Bowling for free on iOS. Yes, that's right, Tekken as in the fighting game. Yes, that's right, bowling. Yes, that's right, free.
  • I spent most of last night listening to Elbow's newest album Build a Rocket, Boys! and they've finally won me over. It's a very good album, and I thought they did a top job at Glasto too so it felt like something worth sharing and a recommended listen

And that's me sorted for today! Good old Fridays. I would very much recommend taking a look at the future of the Daily Threads and the discussion being had in the comments on that thread because it's a good chat about where the site could be going next. But please do return and join in the comments here too because you're most welcome! Have an excellent day!

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