Daily: 29th December 2008

29 December, 2008 at 00:01 (GMT)

By Christine Blachford

Things are gradually picking up again in the Formula 1 world, which is good because we are reduced to playing golf games. Although, the golf game is quite good, so perhaps that's not a bad thing. Anyway, here are some of the stories floating around today:

  • After all our excitement of yesterday, the Carlos Slim Buys Honda headline has died down suddenly. ITV just managed to write the story, when Autosport said they were sure nothing had changed since before Christmas, and then AFP corrected themselves on their earlier article, with a source saying Mr Slim isn't even in negotiations with the team. Oh well, looks like we got all excited a bit prematurely.
  • The age old story of Alonso moving to Ferrari is back again, but this time there is added weight to the rumours. With sponsors moving around, and driver contracts up at the end of 2009, the speculation is that Fernando could be donning red overalls for 2010 and onwards. We've been talking about it all year and it looks like that will continue through 2009 as well.
  • Don't forget we're looking for your predictions. If you haven't already, head on over to the predictions post and leave your thoughts. Be warned though, we will look back in 12 months time and hold you to them.

The daily post finally returns to it's midnight slot, it looks like the holiday is nearing an end. We're constantly working on behind the scenes stuff for Sidepodcast, so while we do, please keep us amused in the comments discussing anything that's on your mind. I'll see you there.

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