Daily: 29th April 2010

29 April, 2010 at 00:02 (GMT+01:00)

By James

This should be an interesting daily post considering I haven't a clue as to what has been going on, F1 or otherwise. I can't even remember when I last commented on Sidepodcast! This has to be the longest time that the doohicky has not been open on my computer but whilst I have work to do it will have to stay this way as much as I hate it!

  • In case you were not aware, Mr C has been making some changes to the homepage. All of which I have to say I really like even though now when I look at sites all I can think about and see is code, thanks to several weeks of staring at lines and lines of the stuff.
  • In some MFC news, Hulu have apparently shelved plans to launch in the UK with negotiations with British broadcasters falling through. I didn't realise Hulu wanted to come to the UK but I'm not surprised at the news after all the BBC have iPlayer and ITV have something similar.
  • Venezuela leader Hugo Chavez has joined twitter, joining a group of world leaders who are using twitter to share their thoughts. Of all the world leaders currently using twitter Barack Obama has the highest number of followers (approaching 4 million).
  • I didn't mention Doctor Who once in my post last week, so I think that needs to be put right; BlogtorWho have a video from last weeks confidential looking at the new computer outing, Doctor Who: The Adventure Games. I am really looking forward to playing this, the first episode, 'City Of The Daleks', will be released on June 5. During David Tennant's time as the Doctor the BBC site gave us videos on the 'Big Questions' relating (slightly) to the episode that had just aired. They have continued this with Matt Smith's Doctor and I have to say I love them, Matt and Karen are brilliant together!

I can only hope I manage to put something better together next week, this is the result of opening Google Reader and seeing what had happened recently. Last week I finished the post by stealing Christine's line of 'I shall see you in the comments', with the big stack of work I have to get through it is highly unlikely to happen any time soon! I do though hope you all have a good day, even if it is Thursday!

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