Daily: 28th September 2010

28 September, 2010 at 00:01 (GMT+01:00)

By amandoloss

Welcome to the second daily of this new week. I hope you’d had a nice Monday and I hope this Tuesday will be even better. I like Tuesdays. Do you? I like this one in particular, because it means I have only two days left till my “holidays”. I took myself four days off and I am going to visit my Dutch friend in Venlo, the home of VVV Venlo, a football team you definitely do not need to know. Or follow. Trust me.

Did you know what happened on this day throughout history? Well, if not, keep on reading. I shall provide you with some information. But If you accidentally are a walking encyclopedia and know all that stuff … keep on reading too. There’s always something you might not know:

  • 109 years ago the famous Ed Sullivan saw the daily light for the first time, and later became famous as the host of the famous “Ed Sullivan Show” in which he had the pleasure to chat with the famous Elvis Presley and the famous Beatles. Wow, that’s a lot of fame for one man.
  • Also on this day in 1943 Brigitte Bardot was born in Paris. As far as I know she never hosted the Beatles in any show, but I’m certain The Beatles would have loved that idea.  Did you know the Brazilians even raised her a statue?
  • If you’re coincidentally going to visit The Czech Republic today in hope to snatch some bargain: forget it. 28th of September is a public holiday there. But no worries! Enjoy the time and  try the delicious Czech ale.
  • FC Porto has also been established on 28th September 1893. That’s one year later my LFC has been launched. Speaking of which …
  • we “lost” against Sunderland. It was a draw actually, but to draw against Sunderland feels like a defeat. We didn’t play well, we should have swept them off the pitch, but the fortune wasn’t on our side. Yet again.  *sigh*
  • Oh well, at least the others didn’t gain a good result either. Manchester drew Bolton 2:2; Chelsea lost against Manchester City (1:0) and Arsenal against West Bromwich Albion (2:3). Amazing scenes!
  • Elsewhere Valencia (won 0:2 vs Sporting) extended their leadership in the Spanish Primer Division. They are one point ahead of Barcelona (won 1:3 vs Atletic) and two points ahead of Real Madrid (drew Levante 0:0) A small lead, but a lead is lead. And Forly? How his team been doing? Atletico Madrid has beaten Zaragoza 1:0. No, Diego didn’t score this time. The other Diego did: Diego Costa. One can get confused with all this Diegos …

Before you ask: no, I haven’t forgotten there’s been some racing. How could I when my man won under the lights of Singapore after a flawless race? Yeaaaah, Fantastic Fernando showed his class. If you missed the race: shame on you! But no worries, you’re lucky! Just check out the race highlights on sidepodcast.com and you’ll get to know what you missed.

There’s also been some NASCAR racing in the USA at the Dover International Speedway, also known as The Monster Mile (the circuit has the length of exact one mile and makes the tires suffer quite a lot). Jimmy Johnson won the whole event, ahead of Jeff Burton and Joey Logano. Monty (who turned 35 on September 20) finished 14th. The next race is scheduled for Sunday, in Kansas.

Was there more racing? I didn’t noticed because I was watching the race in Singapore once again. Enjoying the moment! *g*

I am listening to Radio Liverpool right now, where the show master and his quest are talking about the average money the Americans will probably spend on Halloween this year. Do you know? 70 US Dollars. Well, I rather spend this money on a subscription to GP+, which I did a couple of months ago and you all should do the same! Don’t be shy and subscribe! You won’t regret it.

That’s all from me for today. We’ve learned a lot, haven’t we? Have a lovely day and a great week! I hope to see you in the comments and I am off to count the hours left to my “holidays”!