Daily: 28th May 2010

28 May, 2010 at 00:01 (GMT+01:00)

By Lukeh

Happy iPad day to all of those getting an iPad today!! And of course, welcome to another Daily Thread from Lukeh. Yes, after the big release in America a few weeks ago the iPad is finally here in the UK, parts of Europe, Canada and Australia and I’m sure those excited about it are just begging to play along with their new gadget. A few commentors have already had theirs arrive nice and early! Nevertheless, we must return to Formula 1 (although Jake Humphrey has an iPad at Monaco!) and other topics with our nice cuddly bullet points:

  • Today is of course the first day of practise for the Turkish Grand Prix with FP1 and FP2 taking place over the course of the day. If you’re unsure of the times then feel free to check out the very useful guide written up from Sidepodcast HQ to give you all the info you need. Remember if you’re free to watch free practise then please come and comment with those watching in the comments! I’m not a massive fan of Turkey to be honest – it’s just another Tilkedrome for me – but F1 is F1 so fingers crossed we get a good weekend of action! It’s also the commencing day of action in the Rally of Portugal and I know Lady Snowcat is out there ready to cheer on Kimi Raikkonen! Go Kimi!!
  • I’ve gotten myself blogging left right and centre at the moment it seems! Yesterday morning I published my feelings on my personal blog TOATA regarding a quite incredible gig by Jonsi that took place on Wednesday night. You may remember that I mentioned Jonsi a few weeks ago when it was his birthday, and even though his album is stupendously good, as you can guess by my blog his live shows are beyond words. Lou even found this amazing video right by where we were standing!! Eeeek!!!! I also found the time to give my thoughts and feelings regarding the Austin 2012 deal for the United States Grand Prix. It was all sounding so good until two words were uttered... go and read my blog at Gridwalk Talk to see what two words they were! That’s enough self plugging for one week I reckon. Phew.
  • Now for something slightly different/awesome/bobsleddy. Karun Chandhok revealed yesterday how he has a lucky egg – how awesome is that? The man got the idea from the greatest film of all time of course, Cool Runnings. Clearly Mr Chandhok, who is doing quite well in Christine’s Rankings, feels the rhythm and most certainly feels the rhyme. Other things worth checking out today include James Allen’s post on one quite mangled Ferrari in Monaco. All I’m saying is I’m glad I’m not dealing with the insurance on that. It’s not exactly a Ford Fiesta now is it? On a more Sidepodcentric level, a brand spanking new Aside with Joe is available for your listening which is always guaranteed to be an hour of podcasting worth listening to guaranteed from Joe Saward and Mr C. It’s already been a popular new addition to the series for many, as they always are. More awesomeness within the Sidepodcommunity can be found on Mclaren’s homepage in which Pamela, Amy, Paul and Jeremy all appear under the ‘Get Closer To Our Team’ banner! Awesome!! Go McLaren!

There we go, another week of those lovely bullet points. They’re very adorable things. I’ve been waiting for an opportunity to get Cool Runnings in there somewhere for ages. I’m gonna close this week’s daily thread by being a bit soppy and revealing that today Lou and myself have been together 13 months so I thought it’d be nice to wish her a Happy Anniversary for today!! Hopefully you guys will have a great day today going into an F1 weekend and I shall see you on the other side as long as you decide to click that Submit Comment button and get involved with all the lovely commentors on Sidepodcast!

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