Daily: 28th June 2011

28 June, 2011 at 00:01 (GMT+01:00)

By James

Hello Sidepodcastians, it is Tuesday the 28th June 2011. Which means we're a day closer to the weekend! Okay amittedly its not that close... ok I give in it isn't close at all. Lets move on and see what has been happening yesterday:

F1 News

  • Pirelli has revealed that they will stay neutral over tyre selection, choosing not to favour one team's preference more than any other. This comes amid Ferrari's concerns over hard tyre after they struggled on in during the race in Barcelona.
  • Christian Horner has played down the impact of the blown diffuser regulation change at Silverstone, but it seems that no one really knows what impact the ban will have on the running order. Will it topple Red Bull? or will they stay ahead of the rest?
  • After the European Grand Prix, both McLaren drivers urged the team to deliver improvements to the car, with Hamilton concededing that his world championship chances were effectively over because of gaps size, but he has since stated he isn't giving up.
  • While Ferrari had an improved showing in Valencia, Fernando Alonso has admitted defeat in the battle for this year's title. On this subject Martin Brundle had a great line:

    Like several other drivers he is confirming the apparently inevitable and conceding the championship. And that's from Mr Eternally Optimistic himself.

    Martin Brundle

  • Jaime Alguersuari (or Tim as he is more commonly known here on Sidepodcast) was delighted with his 8th place in the European Grand Prix after struggling in qualifying. With both Toro Rosso drivers on the same points, the question on who will be replaced has taken an interesting turn.
  • The eternal optimist Jarno Trulli has said that the excellent finishing record that modern Formula 1 cars are displaying is reducing the level of excitement in the sport.

Non-F1 Stuff

Now you probably thought I was going to end this daily with a video, well as it so happens I'm not I'm sorry to say. Which means all that is left for me to do is say I hope you have a good day and I shall see you in the comments!

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