Daily: 28th June 2010

28 June, 2010 at 00:02 (GMT+01:00)


You know that feeling when your dreams are just so amazing they just can't be real, a good race in Valencia, a Sauber looking quick, Kamui Kobayashi reminding us all why the legend that is Peter Sauber hired him.

Yesterday was one of them except for one notable exception, it actually happened. Yes, my friends, Valencia produced a good race. Trust me, I'm as shocked as you are. Bulletpoints please.

  • So, Valencia. I think its fair to say we're all glad that Mark Webber is fine after his horrendous accident with Heikki Kovalainen. My heart stopped beating after that one for sure. But that provided a whole different perspective to the race. And now I'm pretty sure by the time you read it, Ferrari still won't have shut up about the race. In that case, I'm calling it a scandal that Kamui Kobayashi was forced to pit from 3rd, it totally ruined his race and had to overtake people to get back up the field. Shocking that is, shocking. But lets be fair to the lad, he had a good race.
  • On this day in 1958, France and West Germany played in a 6-3 thriller for the 3rd place playoff, with four goals from Just Fontaine helping France to finish 3rd. Brazil went on to win the tournament against Sweden, beating them 5-2. Today, three brilliant teams and one that beat Italy go head to head in action packed football. I'll let the football post go into more detail, but you can look forward to Holland v Slovakia and my adopted team Chile v Brazil. Come on Chile!
  • Did someone just say they aren't a fan of football? I think you're mad, but there's plenty of other stuff going on today. Well, there's Wimbledon going on into its second week, I do believe Andy Murray is playing. And would you believe it England won...in the cricket. Yep, it isn't good really. But hey, there is also...aha, the Men's Water Polo World Cup, for you fans of the sport and you are bound to get excited by the European Championships in Shooting. Sport, it goes on all the time.
  • And a quick shoutout for those who would love to be journalists. The folks at The Chequered Flag are requiring the assistance of a chap or chapess to cover the WTCC at Brands Hatch. The event is July 18th so make sure you can go. I would go but, well, its all the way down south.

So, Monday, its way too hot in the UK, and if its hot where you are, enjoy your day. If it isn't, I'm not stopping you enjoying your day have a good one in a slightly cooler climate to what we have. Because, well, temperature wise is the only thing that England beat Germany in yesterday.

Have an awesome Monday.

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