Daily: 28th April 2010

28 April, 2010 at 00:05 (GMT+01:00)

By Gavin Brown

Hi, it’s Gavin here, author of the F1 stats blog ‘Making Up The Numbers’ - here with another daily post for your enjoyment. There isn’t much F1 news today as we are slap bang in the middle of a three-week gap between races.

  • In fact the only noteworthy news I could find was that Fernando Alonso has had his thumbs insured by Santander as a publicity stunt – kinda like how Cindy Crawford got her mole on her lip insured in case she lost it. I enquired how much a similar mole on my face was worth insuring once – and I was told that it wasn’t worth much as it wouldn’t affect my blogging ;)
  • Personally I have had not much time to think about F1 this week as I am in the process of moving house, which kicks off at the end of this week. I am moving from Odense to Copenhagen (both in Denmark), which is a distance of about 150km. Right now our flat is a mess of boxes and things all over the place. To let you know we have our priorities right, we cannot cook or eat anything in our house, but the TV and internet are still hooked up!
  • If you haven’t heard already, Lukeh handed in his dissertation earlier in the week. Well done to him and I hope that it’s as good as it looks from the picture, as we all know how much time and effort he put into it...
  • Jon passed his ARDS test, so well done to him too. Have a read about how he did it as it’s very interesting.
  • Finally, Christine posted part three of the second series of 'Life In The Fast Lane' and is looking to replace her Android phone with a newer one. Which one should she pick? I have seen names like ‘Desire’ and ‘Incredible’, but for me, I think if they invent a phone and call it the ‘Super Freaking Five Pints of Awesome Phone’ then clearly that’s the only phone worth having for me ;)

So that’s all from me then. I hope you liked my non-F1 daily, which I wrote with my head full of a cold which I am still trying to shake off. I hope you all have a great day and I’ll see you in the comments...

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