Daily: 27th May 2011

27 May, 2011 at 00:01 (GMT+01:00)

By Lukeh

There's a lot to live up to today as this week we've had some brilliant, brilliant dailies from both old and new daily writers so let's make today as awesome as possible. I elect we rename Friday to Worldwide Day of Awesome, and that every hour on the hour we all get to swig a drink of our choice. Sadly, this may result in many not remembering Worldwide Day of Awesome.

Paddock News

It's good to practise early - With Monaco being Monaco, we of course get free practise a day early on Thursday which kind of makes me feel like I'm writing Saturday's daily (don't worry Mr C, today is DEFINITELY Friday, I double checked and everything). No huge shocks in practise but it's interesting to note the super softs didn't degrade like a crazy roll of toilet paper rolling down a hill. I must day it was fascinating watching the onboards of Alonso yesterday, the man is a beast around the streets of Monte Carlo.

Row row row Your Lotus Boat, gently down the Lotus River - It seems that today, live on pay per view, in a cage match, Danny Bahar and Tony Fernandes will finally fight it out for the crown of 'Absolute Proper Lotus, Honest Guv' of the world. Sadly, the only bit of this that is true is the fact we'll be hearing the court decision on the Lotus diddlywash nonsense. Not even the letters L, O, T, U or S in this daily are proper Lotus, you know.

Forklift Me Up, higher and higher - In a shocking twist down at the Monte Carlo harbour, it's come to our attention that former World Champion and previous Monaco Grand Prix race winner Jenson Button was nearly maliciously bumped into by a forklift, powering along at almost lethal speeds of a few miles per hour. Whilst Jenson was strong enough to survive this mad bump of utter bumpness, it is believed Colin Kolles is looking at signing up this unknown forklift rookie following the speed it offered.


You Just Too Good to Be GP2, Can't Take my Eyes Off You - You guys just have to watch this video of GP2 qualifying yesterday. We wondered why Will Buxton was proper hulking up in anger yesterday on Twitter at qualifying but there are truly no words for how lax and quite shocking the performances are from the GP2 field here. Grosjean's crash on his own team mate is all kinds of mental! Scary though. But it seems a load of penalties have been handed out. No word yet if everyone has to retake their driving test. I say yes. But blindfolded this time.

How I wish, How I Wish You were Here - Not-sure-if-they're-Lotus-till-the-court-battle Renault GP uploaded a bunch of pictures from the world of Monte Carlo, that lovely world that seems so far away and I want to just escape to and possibly lick to make sure it tastes as good as it looks. Maybe not the final part. But these photos just looking at the surroundings just make me wanna head right there and just gawp at everything in utter amazement. My local council estate isn't as pretty see, but hey, we have a pier too. Sure, it's a muddy hole, and it is in the middle of a field, and it has a shoe in it, but let's not be specific here.

Formula One, One One in the Sun, Sun Sun - I would never have thought that Danny John Jules, or whom most of you may know as Cat from the awesome Red Dwarf, would be such an epic motorsport geek but I loved his guest post here for Badger GP. The guy seems a huge, huge Moto GP fan and there's some fabulous photos in there with some big name stars from the world of motorsport too but it's a good little read. The man knows his stuff too without a doubt. Maybe we'll see the Carbug get a bit of KERS and DRS when the series returns...

The continued scary aftermath of nature's power - Nature never seems to amaze me for what it can do but this is most certainly not a good thing at times. These photos from the Big Picture show the aftermath of the Joplin tornadoes that had been brutally striking the area and it left me at a loss of words at how much destruction it had caused. My thoughts are truly with everyone affected by the disaster and hope that they recover as a community as soon as they can.

Itty Bitty Links

I've decided to end my dailies now with just itty bitty little links not related to motorsport or blogging but just to throw them in there anyways to share, hopefully they'll be as interesting to you guys as they are to me!

And that's that for another week. It's actually quite a big day for me today as it's my last day at my job I've been meaning to escape for ages and ages, so it's a bit wierd but also exciting too. Remember there's no practise session today so head out and have a fabulous Friday before we have another exciting weekend of the most glamorous weekend of the F1 Calendar. Until they announce the Grand Prix of Newport, of course. That goes without saying. Until then, I'll see you in the comments!

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