Daily: 27th March 2011

27 March, 2011 at 02:20 (GMT+01:00)

By Lou

Hello race fans!! Oh my goodness can you believe it, the 2011 Formula 1 World Championship has finally started! I’m not sure about you all but I’m super excited about this season, goo Jenson!!

Let’s talk about yesterday to start with, what an early wake up call for those of us in Europe! We live commented FP3 ice-3 the highlights of which can be found here. If you haven’t seen the results of the last practice session you can visit Christine’s lovely summary. Next came Qualifying which we again live commented , highlights and results can also be found on the blog. Leigh also wrote a great post on qualifying too .Needless to say you’ve probably heard already but qualifying didn’t go too well for HRT, in fact, they’re going home a bit early. Maybe not how they were expecting to start their season.

We didn’t just live comment the Formula 1 today, FBFB even covered the Boat Race!

It’s been nothing but Formula 1 excitement this weekend with some great videos being released, 2 pointed out by everyone’s favourite Joe and a rather awesome track walk with Jenson which everyone must see!

Aside from the videos, we’ve been receiving frequent updates from our Sidepodcast gang in Australia as they enjoy the amazing weekend first hand. Not that I’m jealous at all! So far Amy’s seen Joe , met Heikki and even helped the machanics in the garage! What will they get up to today!

It’s also come to my attention that the Formula 1 twitter world has been joined by 3 more F1 photographers. Clive Rose , Mark Thompson and Paul Gilham.

After the race, what are you planning for the week? While you may not want to think about that normally I come with a reminder of some exciting news. A group of commenters, Kai, Bassano, Janna and Scott with all be meeting in Boston for a get together. Do you live near there? Fancy meeting some like minded F1 fans for a chat? If so you can find more details here.

Taking a step back from motorsport lets take a look at some cute arty links;

• I’ve always loved cinematic photography

• Ever wanted to see Paris in 2,000 images?

• Here are some beautiful photographs taken from the air

• Travel photography is amazing, here are some beautiful examples of why.

Ever made a map collage?

• Oh.. and ever wanted to write a hypothetical letter?

I hope you all enjoy the race/ your Sunday, do make sure you join us in the comments, we’d love to hear from you!

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