Daily: 27th January 2010

27 January, 2010 at 00:01 (GMT)

By Christine Blachford

Tuesday has been and gone and we are moving on to the middle of the week. We are rapidly heading straight towards another launch tomorrow, but before then, there's some kind of technology announcement due today. Relax, all those who hate the word Apple, we will have our first ever non-F1 breakout thread to separate those that care from those that don't. Hopefully that might make things a bit easier. Meanwhile, here are some actual F1 things to discuss:

  • Mr C is very impressed with the goings on in Enstone, and it's fair to say that Renault are his favourite team once more. For now, at least. Joe has written a great post about the team and what they've been up to, and there's some yellow and black livery in the post for those who prefer that sort of look.
  • Dan has started up a new page on the wiki entitled Sidepodcast Radio Theatre. The idea is to take a theatre style look at some Formula 1 events, and at the moment, there's a take on Star Wars known as Car Wars. Have a look at the page, and get your creative thinking caps on!
  • I wrote a post yesterday that although it was based on a pretty tenuous rumour, has the potential for some great stories. Have you ever had to miss a Grand Prix because someone scheduled an event at the same time? We're talking weddings, but you can share any important moments. Which race did you miss? Did you catch up later? Have your say.

That should do it for now. Let us know what you're up to today, particularly if you're not watching Steve Jobs do his thing, and I'll see you in the comments.

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