Daily: 27th February 2011

27 February, 2011 at 00:12 (GMT)

By Christine Blachford

Hello there, it's Christine again, I'm standing in for the lovely Lou

As our favourite photography lass has some university work to do

Whilst I'm waiting for this week's debrief to export I have found the time

To make this special for Ms Lou and get it all to rhyme

First off, let's start with Big Picture because it's really rather good

Sam Michael talks technology and Williams talk food

Meanwhile Sergio Perez has taken his Sauber to Mexico

Ted was there taking notes and pictures, what a long way to go!

In Guadalajara to film Sergio Perez street run. He'll make F1 massive in Mexico. Pics later.

TedKravitz's Twitter avatarTedKravitz

And here's the promised picture of Sergio showing off his car

A mass of fans showed up, 200,000 to cheer on their new star

Sidepodcast F1: Sergio Perez wows the crowds in Guadalajara

Credit: @TedKravitz/Twitpic

Sergio Perez wows the crowds in Guadalajara

He completed two great stints to give the crowds a taste of Formula One

Fifteen minutes on each, a brilliant demonstration run

On to other things, yesterday we watched Crashed Ice

In Moscow it was minus 20 degrees, which doesn't sound too nice

Later on, we missed Match of the Day, and NASCAR was on as well

There's clearly far too much sport on, as near as I can tell

In non F1-news, last time I wrote we talked live streams

And Amazon Prime members getting all the TV of their dreams

Speculation now arises that they could get Kindles for free

And whilst I don't desire the device, how cool would that be?

The Debrief, it has finished, why not head over and check it out

We thought it would be short but there's always lots to talk about!

I'd better wrap this up because by golly, it's past midnight

I'll see you in the comments, and hope your Sunday is sunny and bright!

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