Daily: 27th April 2010

27 April, 2010 at 00:00 (GMT+01:00)

By Marilene Riddle

Another week passes without any new F1 action to look forward to. To make things worse, life has settled back into normalcy after the volcano stopped erupting and air travel resumed. This is going to be a looong week, so I have got a couple more bullet points than usual to keep you guys going while reality drags on.

  • If you have not seen the ridiculousness that is Stefan GP, please do. There are some people who have large aspirations and there are those who are plain stupid.
  • Everyone on SPC knows how awesome Alex is with his Giggles Radio. But now he intends to blow us all away by allowing us to blow Lukeh's mind.
  • Christine's rankings are back and Karun still leads the standings. It amuses me that even here Schumi is behind Nico.
  • Kimi's Turkey Rally video is made of awesome. If only we can get the same amount of behind the scenes action for F1.
  • Actually, we did. This and this have made me like Fernando Alonso all over again. How I miss his days with Renault!
  • Back to the present, Fernando has had his thumbs insured. I think Sebastian's finger should be next.
  • Jessica Michibata has joined Twitter (even though it is predominantly in Japanese). She even replied to Lou. Me thinks that if there is a ranking for WAGs, she would top it.
  • Anyone with enough cash to spend, or is a resident of Monaco, can join in the fun with Joe and Johnny. And if you do go, I think Mr & Mrs C will be expecting a guest post.
  • Williams are offering the public tours around its Conference Centre to see its collection of F1 cars. Unfortunately, little kiddies 12 years old and below cannot enter.
  • F1 may return to USA if they can find enough cash to satisfy Bernie.
  • Mika Hakkinen refuses to face facts as he ponders making a comeback of his own.
  • I have updated my blog with my take on why Ferrari needs some coolness to balance its red hot atmosphere. I am warning you that there may be blatant biased-ness towards certain people #supportsjeantodt.
  • Outside of motorsports, Californian Governor Arnie wins my tweet of the day.

Finally, I think we should have a song rewriting contest for 'Who can produce the best F1 inspired song lyrics'. This can be Christine's latest single after the runaway hit that is 'Felipe Baby'. Mambo No. 5 and F1 WAGs is a good starting point. #sorryfortheextremelylongpost

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