Daily: 26th September 2010

26 September, 2010 at 03:25 (GMT+01:00)

By Lou

Hello everyone! I hope you’re all well this fine Sunday. It’s the last day of the week, and I hope you’re all spending it relaxing and enjoying the break. I’m not sure about you but the last 6 days have gone very slowly and I’ve been rather grateful for a quieter weekend. However it’s an f1 weekend, which means lots of time being spent in front of a computer, no change there then. Although this weekend the cars are all sparkly and stuff so definitely worth checking them out. While the F1 circus (plus Amy) enjoy the humidity and darkness of everyone’s favourite night race, those of us unfortunate enough to be stuck at home must occupy ourselves with something. Which is of course what the bullet points are for;

  • Sticking to the topic of conversation, it is of course almost time for the 2010 Singapore GP and with a rather exciting starting grid the first corner and lap is one that shouldn’t be missed! Oh and who could forget the other end of the Ferrari sandwich which is the grid, Massa’s having his 9th engine installed so he’ll erm... still be starting last. Gosh so many questions about the race...Will Alonso keep his lead? Will Button overtake Hamilton? Will Vettel crash into anyone? We just don’t know! I’ll be tuning in at 1pm to catch the race from my university room, where will you be watching? With us I hope! If you haven’t joined us for live commenting before it’s great fun, just head to the very new and rather brilliant Dashboard when the thread opens and join us in the comments!
  • While we’re talking about Singapore, please do check our Leigh’s post on the original Singapore GP. It makes for some very interesting reading.
  • Remember a couple of races ago a group of commenters went to Belgium? Yeah I’m sure you do. Well Pat has written Part One of our adventures up on his blog so please head over to too much racing to check out what we got up to on Thursday. Keep your eyes pealed for more Spa goodness.
  • If you were in the live comments yesterday during qualifying you’ll have noticed some rather new very fancy stats appearing in the factbytefactbox.. well if you were wondering what they were all about, please check out Mr C’s post introducing them.
  • Are you up to date with Christine’s blog? No? Best check out her latest posts before you get into trouble!
  • ohh! And please don’t forget Giggles radio’s ‘master’ show starts today at 4pm!

I’ll leave you with a rather awesome photo that was brought to my attention during qualifying yesterday. Cause you know... it gets hot in Singapore.