Daily: 26th September 2009

26 September, 2009 at 00:01 (GMT+01:00)

By Christine Blachford

It is both qualifying day and Franck day today, as there is the small matter of a Petit Le Mans race to attend to later. Before that though, I am looking forward to my first lie in for a while. How are you guys spending your weekend? Here are some things to discuss if you're bored:

  • We put up the last in our current batch of Interviews with Bloggers yesterday, this time with Maverick from Pitlane Fanatic. Don't forget to submit your answers if you're an F1 blogger and want to have a go. There's also an F1 Digest if you're interested in what happened out on track yesterday, and in non-F1 news, there's also a new Media Future Change podcast to listen to.
  • We finally finished the 100 Reasons to Watch F1 list, with lots and lots of help from you guys out there. I think I only completed two in the end. Very good! Read the full list here, plus a blog post on the subject. I will get on and add my £10 to the donations list then.
  • If you participate in the Sofa F1 Pole Poll, don't forget to submit your predictions for the upcoming weekend. Mr C likes to leave it to the last minute, because he has turned into some kind of competitive crazy person. The rest of us can just treat as a bit of fun, as per usual.

That'll do it for now. There'll be plenty more in the way of live commenting threads and podcasts today, plus we'll put up the poll for the Sidepodradio charity selection as well. I will see you in the comments.

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