Daily: 26th November 2010

26 November, 2010 at 00:01 (GMT)

By Lukeh

*waves* Hello again! How are you? Good I hope. I was wandering along this part of this vast interweb world when suddenly I realised it was time to write my Daily thread for this week and, well, here we are and here you are! Woohoo! Of course, I must clarify this is definitely a Daily and not a Faily. Keyboards are silly. Can I interest you in a myriad of links to wet your appetite for this fine cold Friday morning? Using my expert skills to tell the weather, it seems parts of Europe are getting a bit of snow right now, and it's a bit cold. My analysis of this is that it's pretty much winter time again. YAY! I do love winter. Almost as much as I love these links:

Paddock News

Thursday Thoughts - Ireeverenervent Changes Are Definitely Good - I have to say I really, really loved yesterday's Thursday Thoughts topic because, well, it was so silly and people's responses were so fantastically witty and funny. Oh I do love you, F1 fans. But yes, yesterday's question involved asking is fans what irreverent changes we would make to Formula 1 and the responses came thick, fast and fantastic. Christine has created a very useful bit.ly bundle of links to all of this week's Thoughts and it's really a recommended collection of reading! I personally enjoy Jordan's linking to yummy food and the Helmet Lottery, as long as they don't eventually call it 'Lotto'.

Red Button vs Red Faced Shouting - It seems this is quite an old video from earlier in 2010 but I've only just had the pleasure (I think?) of viewing it. Someone has compared the ending to Q3 in turkey between Legard's BBC1 commentary to Crofty's commentary with the cameos of Ant and Brundle along the way and the difference in creating excitement and meaning behind the timing of qualifying and general fight to get pole is staggering. You'd have to be pretty cynical not to be able to see a big difference and why many of the community here at Sidepodtowers are fans of BBC 5 Live F1...

Murray's Mint Review of the Season - I can't believe I used 'mint' as an adjective. How distressting! Nevertheless you gotta do what you gotta do for a paragraph header of course. Back on topic, the legendary man himself Murray Walker has been rewatching over 2010 and you know what? He really, really enjoyed it! And why not right? In terms of race action and excitement it was an awesome year in my opinion but my biased self still prefers the emotional rollercoaster that was 2009. Good news for you non-UKers as the BBC have kindly made this video available for you too, how lovely of them! Now go see Murray!

Give That Man a World Championship - Look at the awesomeness resonating from that awesome photo of awesome Rubens. It's quite good, you know. No, Rubens is not in fact floating (although it is one of his many abilities alongside cooking, playing darts and cheating at chess) but doing awesome at some karting back down in Brazil with other motorsport people. I wish I could be there, but in stead I'll treat you to another photo with loads of Honda stuff and whatnot. I also love how Rubens diddy little helmet is poking out of this big kart. Yay!


It's Not Really a Race, More a Superstage. It Sounds More Super Too! - The Race of Champions takes places over the weekend and if you're interested I believe Sidepodcast HQ are warming up the ol' FBFB to be used once again to live comment on the event. The RoC is a pretty enjoyable little event I reckon although 2008 was a lot better than last year's pretty dull event no thanks to some awful uninterested commentary from the live stream, and connection issues but I'm hoping this years will be a return to form and hopefully I'll join in tomorrow!

Let the Insanity Hit the Floor - At the very close of the day Pat posted a fantastic and quite fascinating video of just how crazy IndyCar is entitled Out of Control and man, after being brought up watching a controlled, quiet community of F1 drivers with the odd heated moment I find this quite insane and oddly brilliant! Look at the stamping on the floor person and those two drivers getting in each others faces then fighting! Utter madness. I need a moment to sit down after all the shock!

Senna is Simply the Best, Back off Tina Turner - It's really frustrating that parts of the world such as the UK won't be getting the Senna film until mid 2011. It's only late 2010! Do they not realise that's the wrong time of the year? nevertheless, here's a new review of the Senna film and I found it particularly interesting the author of this review commented how even non-Senna fans and even those who don't know his story should watch it. Surely a sign of a good documentary is knowing educating new fans is a definite. I'm really looking forward to see this next year though.

I hope the BBC love us too or this relationship isn't going to work - There's no way I could ignore this from resident Apple guru in the comments Andy Taylor after he put it up yesterday. A few weeks ago comedian Mitch Benn posted a song proclaiming his passion for the BBC and how we should love it with basically every single show under the sun named and now Andy has taken the song a step further by putting images to the names and it's just a match made in heaven. Awesome job Andy, so awesome even Mitch himself shared the good word on Twitter! Woohoo!

And Now for Something Slightly Different..

The Daily Listen - Go by Jonsi - I know, I know, I am cheating a little bit by including an album I have previously plugged in the Daily but tonight Emily, Lou and myself are all going to London to see Jonsi's gig at the Hammersmith and it's going to be awesome. Ourselves and Bassano went to a gig not long after the release of this album in April and it was just a stunning evening both musically and visually so I'm hoping tonight will be superfragicaligasticaplociousodocious or whatever it's spelt. Excited!!! As an alternative to a repeat album, let me introduce you to this really funky song I cann't get out of my head right now - Antibodies by Poni Hoax. It's so funky! It actually have to restrain myself in the street not to start dancing. It's not a pretty sight.

That's No Ordinary Cardboard Box, That's a Walking Cardboard Box - Dara O'Briain is awesome. Metal Gear Solid is awesome. Combine the two and you get a collision of pure woooooah. I never thought I'd ever see the day where a mainstream comedian starts adding jokes about Metal Gear Solid into his act. As you can imagine, I'm a huge fan of this series of stealth action games from Konami and Hideo Kojima and O'briain's jokes are just on the money. There may be a bit of swearing involved but nothing too bad but I just love it. Metal Gear Solid 3 is my personal favourite in the series, the story tore me to shreds. I will be a man here and be honest, the ending saw man tears running down my cheek. Good, good times playing that magnificent game. Plus the Metal Gear Solid theme is amazingness. I know this has turned into a total geek out about Metal Gear Solid but it;s got me in the mood now for the best series of games ever. I mean, the story is absurd and totally confusing but so brilliant. And Solid Snake? Well he's just the best action hero ever. He runs around in boxes and everything with his awesome voice. So Snake! Ahem...

And that's that for another day. I'm sure I'll see you guys in the comments at some point but I'm so excited for tonight's gig! It's going to be awesome! I hope you all have a lovely friday and have a free complimentary hug on me. *hugs* See you in the comments!